Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

I <3 Confirmation…

It’s no surprise that as a human I like confirmation and feeling good about myself. Like many I am most definitely my worst critique and I know it keeps me from doing things that I should from time to time. The more you dive into the wonders of the universe, of life, and literally just dive into things it’s amazing how things “appear”. How quickly doors open. How fast confirmation will come crashing down your doorstep.

SO, this evening I didn’t have  a new opportunity arise or any kind of big awakening, but I did get a “Yes Shanda you are on the right track…keep it up girl!” from the universe. In my business I have decided to add professional photography to my repertoire. Having been a passion of mine for sometime, I knew I would do nature photography (it’s my favorite), but I had several request to do family & wedding photography as well. I have done a few photo shoots here and there just to help out close friends and family who had not been pleased with their experiences with other photographers. With my combined passion for photography, natural artistic nak for things, and training from my lovely mother-in-law..aka Nana…retired photographer and owner of Scarlet’s really only makes sense that I add this to the mix. Besides I know myself and I get bored so having a multitude of things to keep me busy in my business is a good thing. What can I say, I like options.

Ok. For the confirmation I got. It really is no big deal but after all it’s the little things in life, right? SO, today I went to Wal-Mart to print out some photos I had taken of a close family friend of mines son. His birthday party is tomorrow and I just wanted to be able to give his mama a little something too. I didn’t have the time to develop them through my printing company Black River Imaging so I just went to Wal-Mart and did the 1hr photo. Having another bday party to go to we went back later in the evening to pick them up. Being pregnant I was pooped and didn’t feel like walking all the long way to the back…=0) So I sent in the hubby. It was taking him longer than I expected it would, but when he returned to the car he said they were giving him a hard time and almost did not give them to him. They explained they would need a release for the photos. Shocking! They told him they were professional pictures and they needed a release in order to give them to him. He explained I was his wife and blah blah blah so on and so forth. Ok…get to the point Shanda. Any who. It made me feel good. It was confirmation of my talent. That others could see my natural ability through a picture alone. Giddy on the inside thinking to myself…they called me a professional!

OK…Sure I may be a little nutty. I’m definitely not denying that. LOL. But none the less it made me feel good. I like when our Creator gives me little nudges & hints as if to say YOU GO GIRL! We humans need the confirmation. It makes us feel good. I’m a virgo so I am most definitely analytical and at times too judgemental. Trust me I do this to myself far more than I do to others. I have high expectations of myself. But, like most of us lack the confidence in myself. I have come leaps & bounds however and I do trust in my abilities far more than in past years. Even still though I ❤ the confirmation. Something as simple as one individual behind the 1hr photo booth commenting on pictures and saying they were professional. At this point I would not consider myself a professional photographer. Artistic, YES. Passionate, YES. A natural, perhaps. But now, I have been dubbed “professional”. Wait…thoughts become things right?! SO… I AM A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER! Like I said, it’s just nice to get the confirmation that the steps I am taking. The direction I am headed in. Is indeed right! Now to get the point where I value my abilities. I have to start charging at least a little for my work. I would do it all for free if I could. But the point of a business after all is to make at least a little bit of money. I do still have my family to take care of and my equipment cost me money. That is a different post entirely however. So in closing I start with my header.

I ❤ Confirmation. Thank you universe, God, our Creator! Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for answering. Thanks anonymous individual behind the photo booth in Wal-Mart for calling my pictures professional. It made me feel GOOD! & who doesn’t love that!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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