Pondering Thoughts

They must be shaking in their boots

So, if your on here then you know that our government is trying to take away our rights to be able to read what we desire via the world-wide web. Sure it is crappy but it just confirms that things are truly changing. We are no longer sitting idly by letting them crap in our Cheerios! They are shaking in their boots! They’ve got to be. It makes me happy to see that the world is beginning to “wake up”. Slowly but surely the veil is being lifted from our eyes. We are beginning to truly “see”.  As the old saying goes it has to get worse before it gets better. I only agree to this to some extent but it is true that we have been blinded by those in charge for so long that they have to keep doing things like this for the majority to truly see what is going on. Far to many people still trust those in power, truly believing that they are concerned for the common good of man kind. Which they are now proving just isn’t true. The more they try to take away…well…it helps those that are truly trying to “save” our human existence. So for that I say Thanks! Thank you government for being naive and thinking that things aren’t changing. Thank you for thinking that we are all still dumb & blind to the things that go on in our world. Thank you for thinking that you have control over us. Thank you for pushing us to the edge.

Sounds like crazy talk doesn’t it. But, really it’s true. I know so many people who still feed into politics. Believing that our government truly wants to make a difference and change things. That those put into power are really there to make a difference. Well, for pretty much my whole existence I have known that the president and those we hear about most are just the face to keep us distracted from whats really going on. The poster child of distraction is really as far as their duties entail, at least as far as I am concerned. The good news is…it’s no longer working for them! Even if they succeed in censoring the news we receive over the web it really isn’t going to make that big of a difference. Do they really think at this point we won’t hear what is going on. They can’t take away our ears. The world is far to big and aware at this point…there are too many people like me. People who  just don’t believe what they say anymore. Far more who just don’t listen anymore. They have been censoring the news for ever yet we still have those who go out and find the true story. So, I am not that worried about it. At this point they just can’t win. Especially with things like FB and other social avenues for us to still communicate. Trust me the government knows they can’t take it all away…that would cause too much of an uproar. More than they are willing to tackle anyway.

Sure all of this can seem scary but don’t let it scare you. That is what they want. Keep in mind the individuals who fight for what they believe in and think of all that they achieved even with our government making it difficult or killing them…it actually always helps their fight when those in power try to take control. It proves their point! I am a true believer in the thought that GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! Look back into history and think of societies like the Egyptians or Romans those who used very negative tactics to conquer the world…sure they had a good run at it…but they always crumble, sooner or later. The funny thing is that those who dwell in darkness forget that if there is darkness there must be light. Darkness cannot exist if not for light for darkness is simply the absence of light. Hmmmm…very interesting. So let them have their run at it. Let them try to succeed. Don’t however let them take away your light. Know that they could take away all our means of receiving information but they can’t take away our beliefs. They can’t take away our passions. They can’t take away my ability to receive information from a source far greater than the TV or the net. We have everything we need to communicate and receive if we go with in. If we get back to our real roots. Silly government do they not remember we were not sprung from species who needed any of the things they think we do. I am not saying I don’t enjoy our luxuries we have today…just remember where we really came from and don’t be afraid! Love & light to all of you!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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