Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

Step 1….or just start stepping!

It’s just the beginning of the year and already life has much in store for this mama. However, I have to get to stepping. Really I have already accomplished step 1 in my book. POSITIVE THINKING…CHECK…COMPLETE…sure I haven’t gotten to level of master yet, but that will come. Now to start taking the steps in life necessary to achieve my goals. Still not concerned with what steps to take but I just have to start marching to the beat of my heart. Where ever that happens to lead me I am no longer hesitant or worried with the cursed “hows” of getting there. I do have a few things I HAVE to get done on my list…like a tax ID number for my now registered Krystal Fire Arts LLC. Next, getting my name out there! I am putting my faith in our Creator to send the perfect building for my inspirational studio. Sure I still need to go out and look for potential locations but I am not fretting over it….that’s for sure. The last building that I thought was perfect, turns out, really isn’t going to work for what I have in store. It is an older building and the cost of utilities is higher than I am willing to pay based on the size of the building….so the hunt continues! I know my inspirational studio is out there. For the right price. The right size. The perfect location. The universe is just waiting for the perfect moment! Until then I am very blessed to be able to showcase my work in Nana’s (my mother-in-law) health food store! While helping individuals with their problems and learning more about holistic healing…which I will carry over into my building. For those who have not kept up with my very random postings, LOL, my Inspirational studio is a place for the healing arts & fine arts to co-exist.  A place where people can get healthy in both spirit, mind & body!

Not only in my life, but in the life of so many around me things are definitely changing. I feel the shift in the air and I think it is starting to touch people all around me. Even those that aren’t yet perceptive to the marvelous things that are in our world. It is SO exciting! The other night I had a guide come to me in my travels (whilst I sleep) his name was Orin and he had much to tell me. I just want to take a moment to thank God for trusting me with his messages. For giving me the ability to “see”. I still have much to learn but it is happening faster and faster every day. OH, I almost forgot to share….while on my way to Springfield the other day I saw a bald eagle perched on a tree! What a treat! At first glance I thought it was my friend Hawk saying hello….but as I looked closer I thought man that is the biggest hawk I have ever seen…then with a turn of his head I saw white and realized that eagle was now with me. It really is awesome. Even if you don’t believe in messages from our Creator, animal medicine is interesting if nothing else. If you are drawn to an animal or see one frequently I suggest looking it up and seeing what the message is. I very much doubt you will be nothing but amazed at what it has to tell you! My two favorite sites to view are and For me my animal friends get me PUMPED and give me the confirmation that my human mind still needs from time to time. AND, I well I just LOVE animals, have all my life so that is a huge bonus in its self! They make me happy!!

Oh, what a difference being happy can make! I am so grateful to have learned this at such a young age. I am even more grateful that I chose this journey to help people find that happiness. Trust me I know it isn’t always easy to get out of the ruts of life. I was a very different person even 5 short years ago. With that…each day I am taking steps in the right direction. Marching to the beat of my heart. Smile on my face. Guides beside me. Love in my heart. Have a marvelous weekend everyone! Now get to stepping. Whatever those steps entail for you is fine.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where ever you are!”~ Theodore Roosevelt.

Life is a beautiful thing!

Peace, Love & Mahalo!


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