A slice of me!

The Universe is answering with lightning speed

It is truly magical how quickly God, Creator, The Universe will answer if you simply take action. I have been on the hunt for a building for Krystal Fire Arts LLC. but have had my eye on one in particular. For the past few months a new photography studio occupied the space. At first I worried thinking oh great it will be forever till that buidling is available again. Then I stopped myself. Thought about what I was thinking. Realized I needed to change my view quickly. Began telling myself it was my building. At the same time still putting out the vibe of wishing the photography studio the best in their endeavors. After all I do not want to put the thought of failure out for someone else. In turn putting it out there for myself. (Because, we can only affect the outcomes of OUR own lives.) God listens to our thoughts whether we are thinking about us or judging someone else and gives us what we ask for, “Ask and you shall receive”.  So be careful what you wish for. What you think about others. This is how karma comes back to bite you in the keester. It isn’t because there are secret Karma fairies that go around inflicting pain or debt on those that have done wrong to others. It is simply that if a person is focusing on inflicting pain on someone or judging someone for being poor and constantly thinking of that…eventually the Universe will give you what you ask for (think).

This is why I have just chosen to cut out all negative thoughts towards myself & others as a whole. Let me tell you it does wonders. Life is lighter literally when you choose not to look in the mirror and pick yourself apart. Word vomitting out the things you hate about yourself. I am still working on not judging people from time to time. It is hard. I won’t lie. I do correct myself when I am quick to judge. But I am working on achieving weeding out those instant thoughts all together. To feel compassion for those I meet. To send love into their lives. To love myself.

When I decided to be a positive person. Decided to change my life. It wasn’t an easy process. I easily slipped back into times of feeling hopeless. Lost. Feelings & emotions are addictive so no different then quitting smoking. Or eating better. You have to give it a go and make it habit. Habit to be Happy! Habit to be positive. Habit to not judge. Before you know it you will be addicted to the good! When you see how God moves through your life when you start adopting these thoughts. IT’s MAGICAL!

SO here I am 3 months later of desiring that building with a phone call from the landlord that it can be mine as of Feb. 1st. Imagine how long it would have taken (if ever) if I kept the attitude of I’ll never have a place. Yup you guessed it, I still would not have it. I chose not to stress about it knowing that the right place would present itself at the right time. I’d say source energy answered rather qucikly. It’s AWESOME! The place may not 100% be mine yet either (still have to find out what utilities will be)…but really that doesn’t matter. For me it’s confirmation that what I am doing. How I am thinking. It is RIGHT!

I forsee 2012 having all kinds of adventures in store. I am so excited to be bringing in the final member of my wonder family. Getting Krystal Fire Arts out there and getting people off the beaten path. Helping them find their path. Or just showing them how to have some fun. I look forward to all the lovely faces I will meet. We have a couple family vacations planned. DISNEY WORLD…now that’s a place where a kid(mommy & daddy) can be a kid. Ok I am sure my babies will LOVE LOVE IT! Come on it’s DISNEY! I pray that everyone I know be blessed in their journeys. That life gives them an adventure for the taking. I send out vibes of a stress free life for all! I get so pumped up just thinking about it. I want everyone to join me in this change your thoughts change your life ride!!! Only because it is so real. I experience it daily. Contrast makes a huge impact. So wake up in the morning look in the mirror and tell yourself…I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM EXACTLY WHERE I NEED TO BE! I LOVE MYSELF & MY LIFE! Say it till you see it! EVERYDAY!

Peace, Love & Mahalo ❤ Shanda


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