Pondering Thoughts

It’s got me thinking…

Good day everyone! Missouri has been blessed with beautiful sunshine yet again in the month of January AND 60 degree weather…remarkable, just remarkable I tell yah! Life is good! But that isn’t what I am here to write about…

 Yesterday at work a customer came in looking for oregano oil. During his check out he proceeded to tell me that all natural products have been banned in Europe and it is only a matter of time before they take our rights away to natural products here in the US. He then proceeded to tell me that they have already started the process with the Food Safety Modernization Act just recently passed and it was because of the Illuminate. He exited the building by stating Ron Paul is an Illuminate and out the door he went. The wheels began to turn…

I do understand and know that the many conspiracy theories we hear do in fact hold some ground & truth. I understand that educating ones self about the things that go on in our country is important. BUT I don’t feel that worrying and concentrating on the news, media, & politics help anything. I often get the look of “stupid naive young adult” when I mention things like: ” I do not vote”( I do vote for things that directly affect me like new taxes & bills in my community) the big elections however…I KNOW my vote gets lost in the abyss.., ” I don’t feed into the media”, “It doesn’t personally affect me”. But the fact in the matter is it doesn’t. If groups such as the Illuminate, Free Masons, Bohemian Grove, or Reptilians from another life source (which many believe the Bush family is a part of)  and so on and so forth really have the power and control that so many believe they do what will me reading & “voting” honestly do? I feel that I am doing them more a favor if I watch their news & media and put my focus thought and intent into the things they talk about. I am helping them put that energy out there on a daily basis, implementing more fear in the lives of humans world-wide if I feed into all the bull hockey! This does not make me uneducated or naive…to me it makes me SMART! I have read on these groups. I read the bills they are trying to pass and there is no denying that it is scary all that they wish to take from us. But I feel like the more I spread the fear I am doing exactly what those leaders in each group have set out to do. The more fear they place in our hearts the better.  I wanted to ask the customer…so…Ron Paul is an illuminate…what do we do now? Honestly though, think about it. If he is part of this group that has had control for centuries how will me spreading the word and scaring people ( which is what they want so control stays in their hands) really do? How does this help? Our government & those in power have proved time & time again that they WILL do what they desire regardless of what is good for the majority. Regardless of the things we ask for. SO, again, why feed into and focus your intent on that? By doing so, they have won even more. These kinds of thoughts make me “the crazy lady” but think about. If our thoughts become things and I am constantly brainwashed by the media, by politics, and I put more of that thought into the world then I am doing exactly what they want. I am making their mission an easier task. Far many more people focus on the wrongs of the world. Focus on the intangible. Get wrapped in Fox news or whichever crazy news channel is out there and just continuously help “their” cause. But what if we only focused on the things that were directly in front us. What if we focused on OUR daily lives? Rather the lives of the Illuminate? Or the president? Or Joe blow down the street for that matter? What change would we see?

I feel I would be doing man kind more a favor if I spread the word of focusing on OUR daily lives. Not what is going on in lands so distance I can’t even begin to make a difference. Teaching people to remove the fear. The conspiracies. The hate. How would this make a difference?  I am a firm believer in holistic healing, but I  believe that our Creator created our bodies in such a fashion that we would need none of that if we removed stress, fear, hate, anger and any other negatives from our life. If we removed those emotions we wouldn’t need to worry about them taking all our herbs because we could heal with our minds alone.  Imagine where our world would be now if the majority thought this way. Sure there would still be those addicted to fear & anger but if we made them the minority would they not eventually fade into the distance? Would they not start losing their “power” the power we have given them with our fear & thoughts alone? Maybe we should all be a little more “monk” like. Afterall we are here to live OUR lives. Yet we get brainwashed into thinking that what they say is how we are supposed to live. Focusing on their goals. Leaving our goals off to the sidelines. Focusing on their intents…leaving ours high & dry. We are so wrapped up in fear that we don’t go out and live.

Any who, I don’t want this post to get people worked up, including myself. It does upset me that those who have been put “in charge” could give a rats ass about us. I don’t like the fact that they want to take our food & supplements from us. Heck if I want dysentery from organic unprocessed things it is my right. I get all that. My point is if we focus on all that crap…THEY WIN! I do not argue with those that look at me perplexed when I say I DON’T watch the news because it what is the point. I do not want to fight. I simply think that if we began focusing our thoughts on things that DIRECTLY affect us, on things that make us HAPPY, on our DESIRES and not the desires of others we would see much more change at a rapid pace. All of this is just simply an opinion of one “crazy mama” and I don’t plan to change my thoughts for anyone. Even if it dubs me “uneducated” & “crazy” after all those are simply those individuals opinions and I don’t feed into it or think about it…so in the end I still win…in my book! Which is the only book that should matter to me. I can make a far greater difference in this life time and life times after if I release fear. Just a thought!

Peace, Love & Mahalo


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