Pondering Thoughts

Releasing the pressures of success

Success as defined by dictionary.com is: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. Sure the second definition is the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like. But, one man’s wealthy could be another man’s poor. So who really defines each individuals success? I have a big problem with defining my success based on the successes of those around me..or more so by the second definition. Actually, more the wealth part. There is one thing that I know to be true however is that wealth does not bring(buy)  happiness. IF I know this to be true why do I fixate on it? The idea of being “wealthy”? Why do I so readily jump to the idea of becoming one of society’s meat robots?

At this point in my life I could easily say that I AM SUCCESSFUL! Three beautiful spirits have chosen me over all my beautiful brothers & sisters to be their mother. I have a wonderful husband who loves me for me. I always have food for my family. A beautiful home. My husband and I both have jobs that we enjoy greatly. I own my own business. It’s net worth is of no importance…the fact that it is mine…is success! I have friends and family who care for me. I touch people’s lives along my journey. I work in a field that I truly get to help people, which is what I have set out to do with my life. Yet still being human I forget these things as if money alone could provide this list for me.

Bringing me back to my initial thought..success is the favorable completion of an endeavor. So why do I judge myself and criticize myself for my endeavors thus far? I often think,” Ugh I am getting no where. I am 26 and not a success! ” If I am honest with myself then I am successful in what I have set out to do with this life. In this life I would like to help people, awaken & touch their souls. Show those that need a compassionate soul that there are still mostly good people in the word. Wait a second…I do this. Daily. In my work. Passing a stranger on the street with a warm smile. Being patient and polite in a line. Just by being me. By genuinely caring for others. By no means am I Ghandi…Yet! Believe-you-me however I have NOT always been the Shanda who lived life easy & free. It is also very safe to say I have a ways to go, in my eyes…but I still give myself credit. The woman I was at 21 to now 26, well, I am glad we parted ways. For a time I did need that aggressive, closed off a bit temperamental girl. Trust me I needed it to survive. But I did survive. Now I am living. I do not regret or apologize for who I was either. It all had its place & divine purpose. I see through the doors I have traveled and glad many are closed. For now I have open hallways & tunnels & galaxy’s to travel. If not for my “warrior” path this path of peace & solitude would have no comparison and eventually I would slip into the realm of anger. Stepping away from source energy with ease. Not now though. I have that comparison. I thank it, but I am never going back.

So in my closing thought. I want my readers to realize,  I am not giving up. I am not looking for more success in the terms of society “wealth”. I do plan to make more money. But I will not take more than I need. I will give back. I will provide for my family. I know it takes action to make our thoughts blossom into reality. Trust me though, it isn’t always work. Just doing things. A repetitive post, but sure more to come on this later. What this post is to remind me of…is to release the terms of success defined by society. To remind myself to stay in the positive thought. That success is different to each individual. That I am successful. To continue to go out and do what I desire no matter how some view it on the charts of success. Whether first or dead last doesn’t matter. We are all important. We all have a purpose. Why should I let you define mine? Or vice versa?

I release the pressures of success that I have created in my thoughts as defined by society. I am changing my thought process. Achieving each day, my true attainment of my purpose here on this current journey.  I am exactly where I need to be. No longer stuck in the past. No longer fretting on the exact future ahead. Still aspiring for more so I can help more. My goals are in sight my thoughts no longer hinder my steps. Remember I preach our thoughts become our reality so why would I think horrible things like “Ugh I am 26 and not successful compared to (insert random superstar)” Life is a learning process. I am leaps & bounds along my way! Thank you Creator. I release those thoughts. I am successful!

Peace, Love & Mahalo


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