A slice of me!

I give thanks…I am blessed!

Good day everyone! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I wanted to take some time to give thanks for all life gave me in 2011. I very much look forward to what 2012 will bring.  This year I feel like my life is “on track” whatever that really means, but I felt things were falling into place. The place I wanted to be. My business Krystal Fire Arts LLC. became official. I have two healthy & happy daughters that bring joy into my life daily. Eric & I were blessed with new life…I cannot wait to meet our son in 2012!!! My marriage is well PERFECT! Really! I know people say it often but Eric & I really got to a point that we understand one another. We both grew spiritually and personally. Realizing that words of anger. Yelling. Those things don’t work for us…it only enrages us more. SO we don’t do it! We TALK. HONEST…some might say it is too good to be true. As I reflect on my life though I must say it is so good it is TRUE! Anyone could have this if they find peace in being calm. If they don’t desire to fight. I don’t even think we really had an argument. It’s lovely…JUST LOVELY! We both have learned more patience with our children. Learning to lead not TEACH. At times we still have a way to go with this…I just remind myself of how I was as a young child. I definitely was the kid that had to learn for myself…I couldn’t just take my parents word for it. What if the outcome was different for me then them? I would never know if I didn’t experience things for myself.  We want so badly to prevent our children from doing things that might harm them…but life will still have lessons to teach. They will still want to experience things for themselves and I really don’t think I would want it any other way. As a mommy it isn’t always easy. I just feel fortunate to be an adult who hasn’t forgotten my childhood. Who hasn’t forgotten that I turned out just fine. Even through my trials & tribulations. Actually I turned out BETTER because of my “failures” although I do not view them as such anymore either. Just simply part of the path I chose to take. Thank you for this site Creator! THANK YOU!! I am blessed to continue on my shaman path. Blessed with great in-laws & a mother-in-law who is going to teach me what she knows. Encouraging me to surpass her in this spiritual journey. I really do have the BEST in-laws a gal could ask for. 2011 brought blessings for my parents which brought so much peace & happiness to my family. They deserved it! All the struggles faded into a distant memory and now there is only happiness. For this I give even more thanks to the universe. Thanks to God. This year brought many great ventures for my friends, my Phamily! I love love it! Get into the positive mood. What can it do for you? Life is waiting for all of us to jump in and say I AM READY! Are you ready for 2012? I AM!!! Wishing all of you a Happy NEW YEAR! I know mine is going to ROCK! Peace, Love & light!


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