Pondering Thoughts

Music I have been a bad friend..I’m sorry!

This morning I woke up went to the world-wide web and I just listened to different tunes here and there.  It then dawned on me to ask myself ” Why do you do this to yourself?” “Why do I make thine ears suffer in silence. LOL! OK…well perhaps that isn’t entirely true they don’t suffer in silence everyday I do listen to music in my car, almost every day. Anywho, the point I am trying to get to is MUSIC FEEDS MY SOUL! So why do I forget this and neglect the fact that I NEED to implement listening to tunes of some kind EVERYDAY! I feel so good right now!!! Just from music. Not like I don’t know better I am a practitioner of sound healing…BUT… I also have been a bad girl by neglecting my poor djembe the past few months…sheesh! It’s all good though.

I did have a mother bear & her cubs come to me in my dream the other night. She reminded me that I need not worry over “hibernating” in winter but know when spring is here there is much work to be done. I also felt like I should just focus on my baby & relax. Life really is good right now. I do not have any complaints. I just thought I would write a journal post and remind myself to enjoy my music everyday! I just feel so HAPPY! Kai ( my soon to be son) LOVES music as well. It always gets him rolling in the tummy! He really enjoyed his first concert. We went to see Matisyahu on daddy’s birthday. Definitely my boy..the beatboxing got him kicking & a groovin!

Well Daddy just pulled in the driveway..so time for me to sign off. Kai & I are hungry…time to figure out What’s for lunch? YUM! What a beautiful life!


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