Pondering Thoughts

Reflect on all that is good.

My thoughts for today focus on meditation. Meditation can benefit ANYONE…but it is absolutely necessary for those that astral travel in their sleep, are clairvoyant , and speak to their guides regularly. It helps our bodies to stay grounded, while excelling the spiritual thought with in us all at the same time. The more I dive into my shamanic journey and higher enlightenment I need to implement meditation into my life! Even 5 minutes of meditation can move you leaps and bounds into YOUR true calling. I am a person that likes perfection…especially in myself. Some may call me critical or judgemental but I can assure you I hold myself to a much higher standard than those around me. I cannot help it…it is just who I am. My numerology reading even tells me this. I guess it’s what happens when you are a master number. Even with knowing my readings, speaking to my guides, and traveling in my dreams, even with all that help it still isn’t always enough. I feel because I am not adding a regular routine of meditating to my plate! I tend to think that if I am not busy doing something then I am doing nothing. This just isn’t the case. If I would take more time to step away from the hustle & bustle I would achieve more! And I don’t mean take the time away by sitting on the couch watching the tube…lol…I get plenty of that time away! I’ve got to start sitting with mother earth more and taking in her beauty, her energy. Wake up in the morning listen to an uplifting song or two. Just sitting.Focusing all intent on being at peace with where I currently am. Truly clearing my mind for the day ahead of me. Then when I lay down to go to bed clear my mind of thoughts of what I need to do the next day and just give thanks for all spirit blessed me with in the current day or my life as a whole. This IS meditating. It doesn’t always have to be a “spiritual” meditation practice of a mantra or OMing as the monks do.  This is great if you want to achieve a higher state of consciousness, but not necessary. I have to remind myself of this because we are so trained to think that meditating is for the monks…and only works if you are doing it monk style! It’s not true…so listen Shanda! LOL I talk to myself often…forgive me. I really need to start doing this because I know it will take me to my next step in my shaman/life journey. I am devoting my life to showing “teaching” people how to truly live. How to step back from what we are told is important and start doing what is really important…TO YOU! SO…here is to listening to my own advice and gettin to it! Tonight when I go to bed I will take the time to clear my mind while lying comfortably in my bed…thanking spirit for all I have…for all that will come. Opening up room for more to come my way. Then when I wake I will play my drum, listen to a tune that starts the right mood for the day, have a cup of coffee, and just sit and reflect on all that is good. This post is for me…once again reminding myself that the distance of the steps you take each day do not matter. What matters is that each day you take a step into the direction of your desires. My desire is to become this shaman. To become the healer so I can better help those who come my way. To ascend to a higher level of consciousness. To send more love into the world. To send more love to myself. I matter first…the rest will fall into place if I remember this. If I make it as much a part of my life as breathing. Light & Love~ Shanda


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