Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo...

A lazy productive weekend…

This guy was at the Dallas Aquarium…just hanging out next to the juice bar. Take a note from him sometimes….Learn to live life at a steady pace…it’s ok to take life slow & ENJOY!

It has been a lovely weekend! The weather has been beautiful. Gusty fall winds, warm crisp air kissing your face & blowing your hair, sun shining for all to see a warm welcome to you & me, the trees are bare, definitely fall is here. It’s been absolutely beautiful so far I hope it only leads to a mild winter for us. Sure it will be cold but no ice just snow and just a few times..then before you know it spring is here. Yup! I hope it’s that kind of year!

The Annual Marshfield Open House is going on and I must say of the businesses I visited so far I was impressed. I have had fun going on their “scavenger” hunt (get the signatures of the businesses you visit) in hopes to win a basket with items from all the places involved! Several giveaways and chances to win things from almost all the places you stop at. I LOVE free stuff! The local hardware store Hartwell’s has a scrapbook corner where you can purchase & work on projects…pretty neat! I love how there are random hidden treasures in my quaint little town I call home. The owner had 5 items throughout the area marked free and if you found it you got it. Needless to say the first place I looked had something, even better,  it was flowers I can make into a hair clip. Woo! Hoo! Traveling to my next destination I was looking for specific vendor J. Rae Pottery. She had a sale ladder. Who doesn’t love sales! Glad I stopped by because I got a steal of a deal. Found these….

for $5 each! Like I said a steal of a deal! To her they were mess ups, but they are just my style! Besides when you have chips and dip in the bowl who is going to see it? If it mattered to you. I love them! Eclectic is ME! Last night I went with a friend…today I am dragging the family out with me to collect the rest of my signatures. Ahhh beautiful weekend! Pssst…really my family does want to go…LOL. Well I guess I am off to see if I can keep this being on a roll going. Have I said how beautiful this weekend has been?!

To quickly add icing to the cake…me and the family woke up tidied the house. I worked some on my coffee table book that is in the works…ONLY the best nature photography book ever! Invoking feeling with just a photo & on occasion a simple word(s). Cleaned up my altar aka inspirational trinkets on my desk. redundant, but BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND! Enjoying my lazy productive weekend. Peace out compadres!


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