Pondering Thoughts

Don’t let life pass you by…

I took this photo while in Texas with my family at a drive thru safari. I love adding a simple word to an image to invoke thought, feeling and imagination!

Today I feel an abundance of thanks!!! Recently I lost another friend and it has me realizing once again that life really can be gone in blink of an eye. So often we take advantage of the fact that WE ARE HERE! We let life pass us by thinking that the things we do on a day-to-day basis are truly important…when most of the time in the big scheme of things there not! Although my friends and I have lost…I feel more a sense of gain then I do loss. It makes me appreciate all that I truly do have. I have life growing inside me as I type. I have life flowing through my veins. I have the sight and ability to speak to my guides. I have SO MUCH! 

 I haven’t been doing the blog thing because for whatever reason I had it set in my mind that I was starting this blog to uplift people in a spiritual way. SO…on days when I did not feel I had a profound message to relay, I did not write. Sure my intention is still to uplift those that read but it doesn’t always have to be of that nature. I forgot my mantra on my blog which states “Living life is easy when you live life FREE!” So I am reminding myself to be free in thought. To be free in my message/blog of the day! To be free in all that I do. So needless to say you will be hearing more from me!

With that thank you to those who have traveled on for showing us that our time to return to source energy could be at any moment. Thank you for reminding me that if I am not LIVING while I am here…then what am I doing? Thank you for reminding me of my own moto…TO LIVE LIFE FREE! So stay tuned…Peace of Shanda is back in action. and please oh PLEASE….Don’t let life pass you by!


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