Pondering Thoughts

I have a willing to do so…Do you?

For many it is far more easier to give up, then to give in. To give in to your desire for change. To give in to a knowing that something HAS to change. It is easier to live the lives of others. What society wants from us. What the media wants from us. What everyone else expects or wants from us. What about what we want from us? Do we often neglect this key factor. Is it truly easier to live against your honest will? Your honest to goodness dreams & desires! Like a broken record I will repeat this key point again and again. As many times as I have to hear it before I live it 100%. WE CREATE OUR REALITIES!!! What we think we will bring into fruition. For some it will be quickly…so tread positively. For those that lack passion and dedication in the thought it may take some time…but no matter how you slice it…IT WILL COME! For anyone that has subscribed to my blog I have not written in some time. This is because my thoughts got ahead of me. I began to focus on the lack of things in my life. I began to think I was sick all the time and so it was. There was lack and I was sick and tired. Sure being pregnant started the cycle of not feeling well, but I began to only focus my mind on that and so worse it became. It is easy to think the same negative thoughts that have worked for me for so many years…right? But, have they really worked FOR me. NOPE! They worked against me the whole time. Just because I may really be sick. OR one may really be out of shape. OR really in debt. We still have the choice to focus our thoughts on the happy things. ON ALL the things we really do have in life. After all I don’t think our Creator is a liar and he did say “Ask and you shall receive”! He doesn’t have time to pick and chose which thoughts we get. I mean there is a whole universe and beyond under his belt. SO….he gives us everything we ask(think) for. I have learned this. I have seen in become reality in my life on a daily basis. Yet still I have a tendency still to slip back into my negative thoughts. Even though I bring things SUPER fast into my life I still do it.  I come out of it much sooner than before…but..never the less it happens. After all I’m human…well mostly. =0p This is a fact I must deal with for now.

 With each step on my path..knowing I am “growing” in the way I need to go…I will accomplish this higher thought pattern always! I always carry with me the light, but I will learn to use it daily. When my thoughts get beside me I will alline myself with-in. I will not feed into negativity. I will stand clear from negative things. It must start with your thought first. I have a willing to do so….DO you!?


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