Pondering Thoughts

I’ve got a challenge for you…try it you might like it!

Life! It sure is great! Even amidst all the greatness there are people out there who wish you to fail. There are those that wish to fill  our lives with negativity. SO, do we just sit by and allow it? OR, do you choose to do something about it? Here is the challenge…be-rid your life of ANY negativity. For starters, STOP watching the news. It is one of the best places for mind warping to go on, it fills your mind with fear. I never watch the news anyway, unless to catch the weather, but mostly I just look outside LOL. So this step was easy for me. Let’s go even further though. Just for a week…fill your life with positivity! Turn off shows that are about murder, hate, or anything that brings you down. ONLY listen to music that uplifts you. Makes you feel good. CORRECT yourself when you go to make a negative comment or start feeling down. SMILE MORE! If you can’t change your negative thoughts…fake your mind into it. Laugh. Fake laugh. It’s still laughter. Take the time before you get out of bed and before going to bed ( 5-10 minutes is all you need) and focus on your breath, in and out. Focus on the things in life you love, the things you are grateful for. On a piece of paper write things like I love you, happy, free, life is good, I feel good and tape it to a water bottle…drink from that water bottle, or cup. Write a new positive thing everyday if you like, or use the same words for the whole week.  Then see the difference after a week. How do you feel? There is surely to be a difference. You should feel “lighter”. So if you dare….TRY IT! It’s just one week. If after a week you feel worse and hated every minute of it…by all means go back to surrounding yourself with that negative propaganda to keep us at bay. Not everyone will join the forces of light. Some will choose to live a life of darkness. That’s fine to, it is your decision alone to make.  It makes no difference to me how you choose to live your life. Some could say, but if they choose to steal or harm you that effects you…but I say, I don’t bring those kinds of things my way so I have no worry about them. I am not filled with fear so I do not live in fear. We create our realities! This is not an understatement, we really do. Our thoughts transform before us and give us our lives. Only ours! We CAN change the outcome of things before us. We CAN have all that we desire. BUT, if your thoughts do not coincide with your actions things can become unclear. It can seem like someone else is calling the shots. When really, you just aren’t on the same page with yourself. Even if you think you are. This however doesn’t mean that hope is lost. Really, it means there is more. So try it. What have you got to lose? A week of your life? I am sure we have all done much worse to waist a week of our lives. In the words of Yo gabba gabba….Try it you might like it!

Positivy Rocks baby!


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