Pondering Thoughts

I take a look around…I am blessed & grateful!

Life is beautiful. Even though I have been battling morning sickness and feeling like a big bag of hormones that can’t  keep much of anything down…life is still beautiful. Creating life is beautiful. I could have easily looked at my husband and I having another baby as a set back. As one more living expense….literally…LOL. All I feel is grateful! Grateful that another spirit decided to choose me for a mommy.  Grateful that I have the help of wonderful family! Grateful for my beautiful cozy home. Grateful for my husband who treats me like his queen. Grateful for the air I breath. Grateful for our bills and the jobs we have to pay them. Grateful for my talents. Grateful for the sun that shines on my face. Grateful for the rain that refreshins our Earth. Grateful that I have free will to do as I please. Grateful I have the best little girls a mommy could ask for. Grateful that I have a fridge full of food. Grateful for my bischon Manini…he is my little polar bear. Grateful I have people to turn to when I need help. Grateful for grass & mud between my toes. Grateful my yard has big trees for shade to read a book or just lay under. Grateful for my car. Grateful for days at the park with my kiddos. Grateful for my camera to capture fabulous memories. Grateful for my yellow-brown asian skin. Grateful for my long thick hair. Grateful that I can type and use this computer. Grateful I have a computer. Grateful I have a cell phone to communicate with the ones I love. Grateful for flowers…Spirit sure is a great designer! Grateful for all my travels…both near and far. The list could go on and on…..do you take time to be grateful? To send love & light into the world. I am blessed. I am loved. I love.


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