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I am blessed. Life is good.

Aloha lovelys! It has been a while since I posted and I do apologize. This time around bringing another light worker into the world has been anything but a joy ride. I know this part will pass and before I know it I will be holding my new bundle of joy. During my down time the hubby and I bought/watched Human Planet…..a for sure buy for any life enthusiast…..or anthropology major…or if you loved Nat Geo magazines when you were a lad/lass or now. LOL… If this documentary doesn’t make you appreciate EVERYTHING you have in your life even the “not so great stuff” I don’t think anything will. In recent days I have been working on sending the vibration of love to everyone and all in the world. Learning and building to release ALL negative feelings from my life…from my vocabulary. Changing my words when my human mind is quick to “judge” or make an opinion. Gaining a complete understanding for life. A knowing that we all control our destiny. We all have reasons we take the paths we do. There is always a method to the madness. Just because it’s madness to me…doesn’t make it madness for you.  I can never know what if feels like to walk in your shoes, nor you in mine. SO, all I have business doing is sending my fellow adventures love. pssst…..and don’t forget…this includes yourself! Our creator wants all of us to feel love….so don’t go hating on yourself. Even if you have times of doing nothing. Great! You were suppose to have a time of doing nothing. I guarantee during that time..something came to you..it may have been something small. You may not even notice it yet. But you did gain something. How would man kind have prevailed if not for down time. It’s the differences that make us stronger. Growth. Expansion. Yin & Yang…you just can’t have one with out the other. So that’s all for now. I have to get ready for work. =0) Seriously watch Human Planet, even if it’s just to watch it. My battery was almost full and watching this movie gave me the jump-start to fully send out the vibration of love. Sure I “knew” what I am about to say but I didn’t fully believe it. There are billions of people who would trade places with you right now. Take your debt and all. So be appreciative of what you have. Even if it’s nothing because if you take all the material things away you actually have a lot. Life becomes less stressful when you only feel love. When you appreciate and send out more love how can you feel anything but?  It is impossible to feel bad if I achieve this. I have achieved it. I am achieving it.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

God is love. I am love. I know no enemies for all I have is love. I feel no judgment for all I feel is love. I have no worry with love in my life. It feels great to walk in the light.  To walk through life with our Creator. To create life as I walk through the light. Have a joyous day. May every step bring you happiness. Every breath give you an appreciation for life.


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