Pondering Thoughts

Life is a blessing…

Life truly is a blessing! For today I am pushing out the vibration of enjoyment. I have a prayer that I am using to help myself transcend fully into the renegade of light I am….

Dear Lord,

I ask to be taken to the next level, I ask for divine protection in all that I do. I ask for my abundance to be brought forward to me. I ask for all karma to be cleared and I ask for my prayers to be answered. I ask for meditation to be successful. I ask to be led in the right direction, may I have the synchronicities that I may join with my own soul group and be raised to the higher level. I ask that I be pointed in the right direction to eat the right things, drink the right things, speak the right way and act according to my design that the plans of the heavenly hierarchy are fulfilled. I ask that my abundance benefits others and my actions speak louder than my words but that my words are pure, sweet and enjoyable. I ask to take my place in the Galactic council and that I am made worthy and the husk of negativity is taken away. I ask that all that I say and do is in alignment with divine will and that I become my divine self so that I may walk forward  into my mission and that I have the energy, strength and power to fulfil my mission. I ask that my active and passive side join together in my merkaba and that I am fully emancipated.

I ask this in your name, Amen!


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