Pondering Thoughts

Meditate…Ponder…clear your mind!

With all this thinking I have been talking about lately, I am going to switch it up a bit….giving everyone a break from their thoughts. Get out into nature and just sit. Meditate on the sounds you hear. Ponder on the sites that surround you. Focus on the things in life you cannot control. The sun. The moon. Water. Flowers. Everything our Creator creates for us to enjoy. Think on that. Maybe sit in the shade and read a new book. If you are having a hard time manifesting your thoughts correctly may I suggest Infinite possibilities of Manifesting your Dreams by Mike Dooley. They are great reads in helping you see how the you may be thinking may be the wrong way. They were the books that started me on my journey. OR…read a cheesy love novel. Or a joke book. Or just sit and listen to the sounds. EVERYONE needs a break from the mundane of life. SO if you are going to read, read something you enjoy. Something that will keep your own thoughts out of the picture…for now. My only request is DO IT OUTSIDE!  Nature supplies us with negative ions. We come into contact with positive ions everyday. Computers. TV’s. Cell phones. Lights. The people who live in the “country” get a dose of negative ions more than those that live in the city. Our bodies thrive when balanced. If we only send in positive ions we aren’t getting too much of the balancing factor. It also causes our cells to vibrate at a much higher frequency then they are comfortable being at. Negative ions “calm” them in a sense. Allowing the cells to vibrate at a frequency they understand. Allowing the cells to the “job” they are intended to do.  Unfortunately, these days, not very many of us get out into nature like we should. You don’t have to be in the jungle or woods either…the grass in your front yard will do fine if that is all you have. EXPLORE…as if you were a child. Or be like me and know you are! Examine bugs. Feel the dirt. One of my fave things to do in nature is to photograph it. It never ceases to amaze me the things I capture that I did not even notice while staring right at it. Nature is sooo powerful even my pictures of nature I can feel the energy from. There is reason why calm serene nature photos make you feel calm & serene. =0) We are made up of the same molecules as the things we see in nature. So it would make sense that our bodies feel the vibration nature supplies, feels the enticement. I could go on and on about the things you could do while out in nature….BUT….what ideas do you have? Whatever they are get out and explore them. Let nature give you what it wants ;0p you deserve it! Clear your mind. It does wonders. Ponder on that!

Have an energizing day. Oh…and don’t feel bad if you aren’t getting out in the HOT HOT weather we have been having. Early morning sunrise or late night sunset times are still nature too LOL don’t go making excuses now…teehee


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