Pondering Thoughts

Graciously grateful….

Lately I have been talking about manifesting things into our lives. Changing our thoughts so more will come our way. It dawned on me that I hadn’t spoken too much, or at all, about being grateful for what you already have. If it seems you have been doing all of the above ( practicing what my blogs have been about) and you are not experiencing changes in your life…perhaps it is because you are not appreciative of what you already have. We all have something to be grateful for…honest we do. If you are sitting there being a negative nelly, not being able to think of one thing to be happy about, well there is your first problem. Why would our Creator send more your way when you are not even happy with the things you currently have. We all have LIFE…the fact that we still take fresh air into our lungs is something to be VERY grateful of. Family. Friends. Laughter. Nature. A roof over your head. ALL things to be grateful for.

Like us, Creator likes to feel appreciated. We are creations of him, so the things we desire, he desires. Make sense? Wake up and give thanks for the things you have. Wake up and rejoice the fact that you woke up! Look to the sky and thank God for the sun providing us vitamin D & Sunshine! Look to the trees and thank God for air & photosynthesis. Look to the flowers. The endless beauty nature supplies. Look to your loved ones to feel LOVE. Find the beauty you have in life now. Don’t wait for the beauty to come later. Don’t expect more if you don’t love what you have now. If you can’t find anything…soul searching is your start. If you want to blame others for what you don’t have…soul searching is your start. NO one can take happiness from you if you CHOOSE to be happy. NO one can tell you your life is worth nothing if you believe you have EVERYTHING. NO one can force you to get angry…unless you like being angry. Take a stand to control your life. Don’t just complain about not having control if you aren’t willing to take it. Love yourself. Love your life. Thank creator for all you have. More will come when it’s time….if it isn’t fast enough for you…then you aren’t really getting my drift.

Learning to be graciously grateful…if this was your attitude in life..how could happiness not follow. When you think life stinks…remember there are many out there who (would think if they didn’t know truth) would rather walk in your shoes. “The grass is always greener on the other side” Unless your like me and fertilize your grass with graciously grateful happiness & Love. ;0p


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