Pondering Thoughts

Start small….it’s ok to ask for help

It was recently brought to my attention that affirmation cards are not always as easy as I thought. Our human minds first go to the literal things we desire putting a limit on what Creator can give us. How best can I describe this…try not to use specifics when making your affirmation card. For example: I desire a business feeding people’s souls, awakening the fire with-in, ultimately this is because I desire to awaken my soul to its full potential. My full potential. I desire the business because I desire money…ultimately I desire money to live a comfortable life. So my affirmation card, to keep it open for suggestions,  from Prime Creator,God, would be best to say…

I am a loving soul touching lives wherever I go. I have a more than comfortable life.  I am always provided for, for I see the silver lining always. I am my own boss.

Do you see how I still can get all the things I desire with this affirmation, BUT I leave it open for other wonderful things to come my way, rather asking for one specific thing. If I were to have an affirmation card that read as followed…..

I will have a business feeding people’s souls. I will have a more than comfortable life. I am working on awakening my soul, my full potential. I want to gain this by doing…..(fill in game plan)

First problem…”will”  in a sense is a negative connotation you in the “future” may possibly attain this goal is what you are affirming out in the universe. I am ” working on it”….means you will always be working on it…AND simply by me putting I have a business feeding people’s souls vs. I am touching lives wherever I go…the first is limiting what God can send my way ( or what I will be open to see) The second states that I will help people no matter in my business or on the street…everywhere I go. Which ultimately is what I desire. I hope this makes sense. :0/

Let’s say I just confused the heck out of you! Here is the beauty of it all. Just because it is an affirmation card for you to read…DOESN’T mean that you have to make it. The affirmation helps by you muttering its words. SO ASK FOR HELP. You can email me @  KrystalFireArts@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I know at this time most of you who are reading this know how to get a hold of me. Or you know someone else, aka Nana, that could help. ;0) We all need help at one point or another. So don’t let pride and fear get in the way. Trust me it will never get you very far. Fear limits us. Keeps us from reaching our potential. Wrap your mind around this for a moment. When dealing with our true potential more often than not we don’t even realize the things with in that we can achieve. The things we can do. God knows there is more. So keep things basic. Just keep things happy. Don’t limit yourself with your thoughts. Wake up and say I AM HAPPY. Live life as though it is so. Enjoy the ride…and believe me doors will open that you never imagined could exist in your life. Just by being happy…truly happy…ALWAYS!

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t gotten it all yet. Love yourself. Love All. Start small. Ask for help! What is FAMILY for!?


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