Pondering Thoughts


In recent blogs I have been talking about changing our thoughts. Ways to bring our lives into our destiny. Learning to take the paths in which WE desire. Living life for ourselves. For most I know this is easier said then done. But, Why? I think the problem now days is people have stopped believing.  I had to bring this up because with all the thinking I have had you doing I forgot a big key factor…Beilieving in our thoughts. You have to believe that our creator wants the best for you. He wants you to reach your destiny. He believes in you…so you should too. If you tell yourself this can’t be done, then well you obviously have lost faith in him as well as yourself…you obviously don’t believe. There is a reason why it seems our negative thoughts like debt, depression, anger seem to form in our life quicker…If you took the time to be honest with yourself it would probably be safe to say that you believe in those things. They are there for you to experience right now so of course it would be easier to believe in. I have a plaque on my wall and it states “Faith makes things possible…not easy” This is true to some extent. The not so easy part is getting out of the rut of bad thinking…of bad believing.

It’s easy to say God can do anything. God is almighty. But even as we “believe” those words we only seem to do so half heartedly. If we did this whole heartedly we would not be afraid to think positive thoughts. We would not hesitate to change every fiber of our being into the renegades of light we are. You wouldn’t sit there and analyze why something as simple as changing your thoughts may or may not work. You would stop making excuses and just do it. A large majority is you have stopped believing in yourself. It’s what has prevented you from making the positive affirmation card, correcting yourself when negative, or trying something new. Have you ever thought that not only while you have stopped believing in yourself, you have stopped believing in him. Sure you may still understand that he exist, but somewhere…you stopped believing that he CAN give you everything you think. You have stopped believing that he DOES give you EVERYTHING you think. We are all different and I can’t say what will work for each individual but I do know we have to start believing again. Not in the tangible things. Not in our government. Not even in someone else. 

In ourselves. In our Creator. This is what we must believe in.

Believe that we are here for more. Believe that we are gods among gods and we have his power in us to achieve ALL things. Believe that he loves you. Believe that you love yourself. Believe you are destined for greatness. Believe God wants to give you all you desire.  Believe in the vibration of love. Believe in positive thinking. Believe in living. REALLY LIVING! Believe in your guides…listen when they speak. Believe in messages, signs from God. Believe that the media IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU! Believe in mother nature. Believe that there is more out there…MUCH MORE! Believe YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

No one is stopping you…but yourself….so just BELIEVE!!!


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