Pondering Thoughts · Soul Poems of Me

Mother Nature’s sweet song

Sing away your sorrows. Dance away your fears.

Live a life worth living for all your living years.

Join forces with your brothers.

Renegades of light.

Join forces with your guides.

Communicate with clear sight.

Travel through the world.

The Universe & galaxy.

An abundance of adventure in this vast vast sea.

Join me in this mission.

A mission of love.

Carry a high vibration

Fly on the wings of a dove.

Climb the branches of the great oak tree.

Climb so high for it’s your world to see.

Take in all the colors.

Feel the wind on your face.

Say hello to sunshine.

Take your time, life is not a race.

Listen to the crickets chirping with the frogs.

Perfect harmony.

Mother Nature’s sweet song.


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