Pondering Thoughts

Sooo for some lying to yourself will be tuff…so how about this…easy peasy

Sooo I got to thinking…UHt-OH…. for some the whole lying to yourself (referring to yesterdays post) may be difficult. I also suppose you may not want to look at it that way..we don’t want more lying in our life. It is more like forcing yourself to do the uncomfortable for advancement. Really that is all to the individual. Any who, what was I saying, oh yeah I got to thinking =0)….

I have a really good thing for you to do. For those times you just don’t know how to correct your thinking. Or you just have a hard time to find the positive because your thoughts have you beat at the current moment. Maybe, you just like this idea better. Whichever you fancy this is my thought… LET’s Make AFFIRMATION cards!!!! YIppeeeee…Everyone needs one! They can change day-to-day or be the same for as long as you feel you need that particular affirmation. Carry it around with you…EVERYWHERE! Use it as your tool into ascending into YOU….the real I am…(__________ fill in the blank). Make it out of whatever you like. Index card. Colorful cardstock. Napkin. Then write something like….(here is mine for this time in my life)

I am in divine guidance. I carry the vibration of love. I am always at the right place at the right time. Everything I do is orchestrated for my higher growth, my higher consciousness. I am ascending/evolving into my true exalted self. Love surrounds me. I am love. Guilt is no longer needed in my vocabulary. In MY life.

Easy as pie! Get you a writing thingy majig of some kind and write yourself a positive affirmation. Read it when you wake. Maybe while you pee. Read it while having coffee. Read it especially when you feel yourself vibrating at a lower frequency…give yourself an affirmation boost. Go on….you know you deserve manifesting all of you into life! Read it when you need it. Everyone’s affirmation will be different. Write a new one everyday. Write it more than once. Put it places you will read at random. I guess that all depends on how fast you want to manifest things. The beauty of it all…It’s all up to you baby! Pretty Spectacular if you ask me. & Easy Peasy!


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