Pondering Thoughts

The cure for all starts in thought!

We all have things in our life that we would like to “cure” or fix. We all know how to search for a solution…thinking we have to work to fix the problem. While doing all that thinking and searching to find the cure did you ever stop and think perhaps I am doing the wrong thinking?! For those that aren’t established in the idea that thoughts become things I am sure this is a funny thought and hard one to put your mind around. If you do yourself any favor in life, do this! Realize we create our realities! We ask for the things that come our way. One may realize it. One may not. But we do. Don’t let your human mind bog you down….I am sure some will say…”You think I asked to feel crappy and be depressed all the time” My answer..YUP! Sure maybe you didn’t out-n-out say “Man I would love to have a crap storm knock on my front door” but if you wake up in the morning or any point of your day for that matter and say “Uhhh I just feel awful” “Uhhh I never have anything to do” Uhhh why can’t I catch a break” You are sending out the thought of those things. God doesn’t tailor what he sends your way based on what he would LOVE to give you. We have free will remember. So whether our thoughts be corruptive to us…or benefit us…he sends what we think about whole heartedly to us. Even if it saddens him to do so. We get to choose.  I know for sure God, Prime Creator, he isn’t a liar…and he said “Ask & you shall receive” He didn’t say…”Ask & I will only send you your good thoughts”! 

Don’t feel bad if this is all new to you. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just take a stance now. Quite worrying over the things that happened in our past…they are gone..they taught you something (know it yet or not)…they lead us to where we stand today. Stop fretting over the future…it may not come….it definitely won’t be what you pictured in your mind….your plan of getting it may not be the course of action God has for you to receive your thoughts. Why not work on what you can control….NOW! Choose your thoughts to gain more in the future…but only now can we truly effect the outcome. You can’t think tomorrows thoughts today. You can’t go back and prevent the things that came your way. You do have the control to wake up and KNOW that life is good. KNOW that you feel good. KNOW that there is a life being created just for you. Wake up confident that although you may not know the paths that will form….you know you have been thinking the right thoughts so whatever journey comes your way…YOUR READY!

STOP feeling sorry for yourself. Stop feeling bad. (It only brings more bad sorrow) Start taking control of your thoughts. Humans tend to whine about having no control…but we won’t take the action to take control of things we can. So easily too. Life really is that easy. If you don’t believe me…TEST MY THEORY! Wake up and “lie” to  yourself if you have to. Seriously try it out. For two weeks force yourself to think thoughts that benefit you. If you feel awful…think you feel GRATE! If you have no energy…think you have tons! If you’re in debt…tell yourself you have more than enough! IF you hate life…think I LOVE LOVE IT! Give it an honest effort..Correct yourself when you think negative thoughts. SERIOUSLY make an honest effort to think thoughts opposite of the ones you are addicted to at this point! (Unless you already understand that your thoughts become things..obviously this post isn’t for you) Just don’t forget that we all fall victims to our thoughts..it’s easy to do. It is much harder to think positive thoughts all the time….until you get addicted! Until you believe it works!

So if my post strike feeling in your soul…give it a try…what do you have to lose? What is the worse that could happen….you see it works? It can’t just be the first thought of the day for a few weeks. It has to be correcting yourself of the negative thoughts all day long. Eventually you will get so addicted to the positive you won’t have to correct yourself..you will just be!

The cure to all starts in thought!!! Which thoughts will you choose?


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