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The Universe won’t give you much, sitting on the couch…unless you wan’t more sitting…

What do YOU desire?! REALLY?!!? Let’s be honest now…it’s just you and your thoughts right here and right now. I am not asking what your family wants for you…or even from you…so let me make this clear..I want you to honestly think about what it is that you TRULY DESIRE! Pro & Con it if you have to..DIG DEEP! If you could do, be, have anything in your life what would it be. For some this decision will be easy, for some it will take months, for some it will take countless boring unsatisfying jobs to even start the thinking process…but whenever it is that this desire comes to you….grab it…and START!

What do I mean by start? Just start doing anything. I know that sounds crazy, right? I am sure we all have several things on are list when we think about the age ol question “what do I want to be when I grow up”, when thinking about our true desires…how do we know which one to choose? Honestly, we don’t. I can give this bit of advice though. Choose the one you love the most and go for it. Take the steps to start the process. Through these steps our feet will take us on the paths we are to take…trust me…they will…if you get up and get your feet moving that is.  You may find that the venture you set out on is not at all the journey you had in mind…but it works better than you could have ever imagined. By just moving your feet. Ok..OK…that seems a little confusing so let me explain it a little…hopefully ;0p

Let’s say you have NO idea what kind of job you would like to land (you currently don’t have one)  you know you really would like to have this awesome job…or a job you enjoy at least…BUT every morning you wake up and go straight to the couch to watch the tube.  You stay in your pajamas for most or all of the day. And you sit. Sit…SIT all day long! Day after day with no job you do exactly this. K…are you ready for the kicker….do you think our Creator knows what to send your way…what you are asking for…by this action? I am sure you can piece this together and see where I am going and simply answer the question yourself =0) but… of course not silly…all Creator will think is well…you like to sit…LOL maybe a new chair or way to be lazy will manifest into your life but I am afraid not much more.

The Solution (or steps to start): When you wake up (the time doesn’t matter..not everyone desires to work 8-5) get ready for your day as if you were headed to this dream job, or activity you want in your life. DON’T turn on the TV and GET READY! Then, FEEL, inside…what would you like to see? Who can I visit? Maybe visit a place that you think would be really neat to work at or become that. Try to keep the logic mind out of it…remember I said FEEL not THINK…listen to your soul, let your feet follow. For instance, if becoming an artist is your desire go look at some art, or observe life, maybe explore forms of art….or wake up and just pick up a brush, pen, instrument of desire and see what happens. One may be surprised at what comes next. DO whatever it is you are compelled to do…OTHER than SIT on the couch and watch the tube. OH…and I am not saying don’t watch the TV anymore…remember what we are trying to gain from life. Remember our thoughts are our worlds projected before us. Ask and you shall receive. Balance is key. Plain. Simple. Get dressed. Do something. Explore Nature. Drive. Visit Friends. Anything…but…Wake up. Sit. TV. The more you open up your mind, body & soul the more will come. The more steps you choose to take, Creator will answer, or match those steps…leaps-n-bounds further than our minds can fathom and bring them faster too. BUt.we gotta move. IT’s like the great poem of God giving bird the worm..but he sure isn’t going to put it in our nest for us. We have to work..a little. I mean that too. It’s not as “hard” as we have learned it to be. Believe. Carry love. Positive thought. Know who you are and desire to be. Live. Enjoy what you do….REALLY LIVE. IF you can manage that. Fully. Whole Heartedly. You will be amazed the paths, that at a moments glance…seem to appear before you.

*Phew did I get a little windy today. It’s great to fly with clouds! All that being said.

Short & Sweet version: The Universe, Our Creator, God…won’t give you much…sitting on the couch…unless of course you want more sitting!

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have one last thing to say. Even on that note of get to moving…Tomorrow is Sunday. It is the 4th of July weekend. Relax. Spend time with friends. Family. & DON’t feel guilty in doing so.  The vibration of true happiness. True love. Works wonders. So get your dose every chance you have! Fun is the essence of life. Water is more oil for our human machines. hehe Have FUN! Safe & Happy Travels!


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