Pondering Thoughts

Who are you living for?!

Life…it sure is funny, finicky, adventurous and some times just a pain in the keester…but perhaps the tries and tribulations occur because you aren’t living for the right reasons. Are you someone who is worried sick over the lives of people who really could give a rats ass about you? Do you put your life, feelings, happiness aside to make their lives better? Are you trying to right the wrongs of the past through your family and friends that never approved? IF so….STOP! You aren’t doing them or yourself a favor by worrying sick to make their lives comfortable. It’s very difficult for we humans to realize that in order to improve the life of those around us, we must first improve and worry over our own life. If we love, cherish, and take care of ourselves the rest will follow. If you worry, stress, and make yourself sick…all the universe is going to give you is more worry, stress, and sickness. How on earth can you solve ANYTHING with this swirling about you. If you love, cherish, and honor yourself those around you will feel and receive those feelings. When we have peace, a knowing of who we are , how can those around us not feel that joy. Then truly benefiting from us…although your purpose should never be for the benefit of another, loved one, family or not! This can be hard for us to learn because we feel we are not being a “good” person by putting our feelings first. BUT…look at it this way….if you spend your worries on making others lives better…but behind closed doors and in the private of your own home you are sick and worried…you are kind of lying to them and yourself. The real you isn’t shinning so you aren’t giving them anything you think you are. Really, you are doing the exact opposite of what you desire. In a round about way giving it a half-assed attempt. Take a moment to evaluate yourself, your life, your desire. Are your actions and feelings at the current moment bringing these things into fruition or are they further and further away with each thought. If the things you desire are being pushed further with each thought….YOU AREN’T THINKING THE RIGHT THOUGHTS!!!! Get up and live for yourself! Those that truly care for you will benefit from your happiness because you will do so much more….and it will be genuine! Those that don’t honestly care…still won’t! Why go soo out of your way to improve the lives of others when you have not taken the time to improve your own life. Trust me it is impossible to live a life of helping others…UNTIL you have helped yourself.  With all that rant being said….we aren’t here to live for others, other wise you would have been born into another life…but you weren’t! You are who you are..and you HAVE to live for you! Take a deep long look into your life and ask yourself the question….WHO ARE YOU LIVING FOR? If the answer isn’t you…I’d say it’s time to start soul-searching baby!



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