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Release Resistance

I love list. I am beginning to learn however that list may not be suiting me properly. Putting things in order of significance. A constant reminder of things not done. I have received a message. I need to learn to go with the flow. As I learn to release resistance my vibration will be higher and more will come to me because of it. With out putting a limit to what I am asking for i.e…my list…with keeping my thoughts and vibrations high/positive…..I leave it open to the endless possibilities the universe could send my way. Rather then putting a block out there by the exact details I feel I want..but perhaps won’t suit me best in what I am truly going for….hrmmm..its got me thinking anyway. My tut message was rather fitting….

To fix the world, Shanda, you must first see it as broken.

I’m not so sure I’d go there,
The Universe

Ok maybe it doesn’t go perfectly but it was a reminder to view things differently. Keeping the positive in EVERYthing…its kinda like saying I hate big corporations and people with all sorts of money…but I want to be out of debt and make lots of money. I am sure our creator has a hard time sending you what you desire and what you are asking for because well you are in a round about way saying sure it would be nice to have all that money but I hate what it does to you and how people are with it so…I’d rather not have all that money…because you probably feel more passionately about the hate you feel for dirty corporations versus the feeling you put out about desire of wanting money. It’s always easier to push out..to believe the negative feelings. Then to put your all into feeling good. Thinking positive. You never know how you can limit yourself with your thoughts so why not just chose the happy positive thoughts on everything…get addicted to being positive. Leave anger, negative energy so far from your existence..that…well….it doesn’t exist.

Yesterday a groundhog entered my life. This totem has much importance to shamans and mystics. It informed me that I have two years of studying headed my way. My journey as a Shaman is on its next step. I feel it. It is also a strong totem for entering the dream world. Realizing the consciousness in both realms dream…awake…learning to travel between and amongst the two with ease. Learning from both. I also have my friend squirrel with me. I love that they feed from my bird feeder and the birds don’t mind….nor do the squirrels.  They are there to remind me to keep the balance in life of work/study and play. As I watched my 3 squirrels play in the yard and gather seeds…they definitely live by the dwarfs motto of “whistle while you work”…A reminder that if you love the seeds you gather then it probably doesn’t seem like work after all. When you love what you do there is such a fine sliver between the two all of life is play! I am releasing resistance. I am going with the flow. Having more would be lovely…but when you already have it all why focus on more. Focus on today. I feel the love I have from family & Phamily! With that alone I have everything. I am thankful for the direct connection I have to the universe. I thank my guides for communicating with me clearly. Thank you animal totems for presenting yourself to me with all your magical wonders. Your animal medicine comforts me. Guides me. Teaches me. Release Resistance…..shama ran hah….ram hai…….ay…….


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