Pondering Thoughts

R & R here I come

I am getting ready to go on a vacation to Arkansas with some great friends. Some much-needed music. Even more needed nature. This week has been busy busy..and I have chose to stay away from the computer completely. No Facebook. No blog. No media. It was nice. The family and I did however go to see Kung Fu Panda 2. It was wonderful. I love how our maker sends messages even in cartoon form. Actually I love it even more when I get a message through something so fun. So enjoyable. The lessons Master Shifu teaches Po in both the first and second movie really do speak ions! The first: We are the secret ingredient in a vast bowl of “no-secret” ingredient soup. The second: Our past does not make us who we are, find inner peace…Find You! I really needed that message. My past sometimes creeps up into my analytical mind and I judge myself accordingly. What does this solve? NOTHING. Just more crap to fill my mind. More crap that is not needed.  Then I get down on myself. Judge myself. Followed by feeling guilty. Why do parents/grandparents/adults who think they know all….put such a number on children? Imbedded in my mind is the way they think I should live MY life.  Argghhh…I just want to live the way I want to. I guess it’s why I need to find inner peace ;0p I hadn’t posted in a bit. Sooo there is my rant. I am off to Arkansas tomorrow.Thank goodness it is Arkansas all those crystals in their earth makes me happy!  YAY!!!! I need to go find my peace with nature..and MUSIC GALORE!!!!! Yippeeee R & R here I come. Go get you some =0)


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