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Say I love you when you can…Lend a helping hand!

Joplin, Missouri struck by deadly tornado yesterday. Mind blowing so close to  home. Mother nature unleashing her powerful wrath. My thoughts and prayers go out to all effected by the F4 monster. One never knows when it is time to join source. To go back to the cosmic way of living. We humans need to stop taking life for granted. Many have figured out our time here is precious. More have miles to go before figuring it out. Share the love with your neighbor. Tell all you care for. How you feel. Never leave mad. Anger solves nothing. Anger is an emotion or by-product of fear. We need not fear if we know the truth. If we believe our creator loves us. I hate to say this in the way that it will sound..(please take it for what it is NOT how I feel about lives lost): we cannot take disaster as God, Source Energy, whoever you call him hating us. Punishing us. It simply is like doing some spring cleaning. If Mother Nature didn’t take over what belongs to her we would have no room. no sources. lots more would be wrong then just random devastation here and there. Kind of his way of controlling things…with out “controlling” them.  Since none of us can know when mother nature’s furry will strike. Or a car will be going to fast. Or a meatball will go down the wrong tube. Share love. Compassion. Friendship. Caring. To EVERYONE. Go out of your comfort zone in extending care to those you know. Or maybe get to know someone new. Share the love you enjoy receiving. Give someone else that experience. Disaster can effect anyone. NO one is too rich. More special. Or different from anyone through the eyes of Mother Nature. Get in her way. You have a chance to fall. SO….when things happen of this nature. Do not feel you are better than those in need. We shouldn’t need a natural disaster to want to help those in need. There are plenty of people in need before natural disaster strikes, But if this is what calls to you. If this is what it takes for you to help. Good job…really…I am glad you are helping. Possessions really mean nothing in our life. Stuff is stuff. We can always attain more. Friendships…the way we enjoy them on Earth are special. Sure we will know and see each other when we go back to being cosmic entities but the journey will be far less exciting. Let’s care. Help. NOW! Everyone could do something. When passing someone smile. Don’t frown. Volunteer. We have free time. Don’t lie to yourself. IT just may not be what you want to do with your free time. Even if it isn’t for you. Donate. I am sure we all have something we could do with out. Things will come back to you. Your life will be blessed and you will feel joy. I promise. If you don’t. Evaluate what you are doing. All of us know what it is like to need help. To want friendship. To have love. We all long for the presence of others. Those that don’t. Have been shown wrong for far to long. Far to many frowns. Trust me show those people the warmth of a true loving soul. Their mind will change. Say I love you when you can. Lend a helping hand!


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