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Let your mind be free!

Jambo! The thunderstorms are rolling in the midwest again…I hope it stays here in Mo and goes away from those who are being flooded out. My thoughts. Good vibes. go out to those effected. I also would like to put some thought out for my cousin Britty..she deploys today. I know she will be A-OK. A great adventure for her. My brother is on a grand adventure as well. He is in Arusha, Tanzania getting ready to play the first international football game in Africa. GOOOO DRAKE….woot woot…Jacob! They also will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and coaching children there, teaching them about American football..Amazing! His climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro will be helping bring clean water to their towns. One of my bro’s post on FB spoke about how he sees how spoiled we are. How these kids wake up, just as happy/if not happier, with nothing and are smiling. Living life. I also bet if you asked them if they felt like they have nothing, their reply would beg to differ.

They live life. They don’t think about it. I want to be more like them. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for being born in America. Proud that my great-grandfathers moved to Hawaii from the Philippines to work and get my grandma and great-grandma over just in time to birth my uncle and mother. I know we are fortunate in the lives we are able to make for ourselves. BUT…I don’t want to be the A-typical American. Forgetting that we are ALL immigrants to this place. Forgetting that there are people out there with nothing and are living a life far happier than we could imagine. A life of simplicity. A life of love. If you have family. If you have life. You truly have EVERYTHING! Sure, I like nice things. I have expensive taste. I like to do extravagant things. So why stop?! This is the life I like living. Just because this is so, I need not forget , all my possessions mean nothing. There nice. Not necessary. Well, I got a little side tracked. This train of thought did however lead me into this….

Let’s not THINK so much…I capitalized think because we do it too much! I am probably more guilty than anyone who will happen to read this. =0) I do so much better when I take life one step at a time. Not worrying. No planning (too far ahead). Just let things happen. It shouldn’t surprise me at this point in my journey but it still does…how when I let my mind go and let things happen….well…they happen. When I plan and worry I bring worry to me. When I live. I bring what I desire to me. NEAT! This is a reminder for myself. To live each day. Be grateful for the life I have now. Not to stress on the life I “may” have in twenty years. Heck, NO ONE knows what twenty years will bring. OR that there will even be twenty years more for that matter. Do what you can do today. Don’t worry about what you can do tomorrow..until tomorrow comes. Travel like Jesus did….step by step. No plans. No hesitation. Only living.

One of my favorite quotes from Master Oogway ( Kung Fu Panda) while speaking to Po about his destiny….

Po:   Maybe I should just quit and go back to making noodles.
Oogway:   Quit, don’t quit? Noodles, don’t noodles? You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”

I am going to live life. Grateful for what each “present” day brings. Sharing my journey along the way in hopes that I even touch/change ONE life. If this reaches even one soul to find their true desire my blog has worked. It allows me to free my mind. It shows me thinking to hard makes my brain hurt. Let’s dance my friends in celebration. In life. Give it all to our creator. Think positive thoughts. Positive assurance will follow.  Let your body groove. LET YOUR MIND BE FREE!!!



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