Pondering Thoughts

Food for thought…

Hello friends! I hope all of you have had a wonderful day so far. My day has been wonderful yet busy,BUSY! No complaints though it has been a good busy. I can’t wait for this week to be over though I have had something to do every day and I have things to do all weekend long. That’s why it’s only good to sit at home and relax sometime LOL the catching up part isn’t always so fun. Let’s get to today’s topic FOOD!

As many of us know food/weight has become an issue all across the world. Especially here in the USA. However, I am not here to talk about our weight problems…BUT…more so, our FOOD problems. With things like celiac disease and gluten intolerance/food allergies on the rise it has gotten me thinking. Do people know what they are putting in their mouth? Why is it only now in the past century that we have a rise in things like gluten problems? Is it really because wheat is bad for us? OR is it because we have foods that are GMO and in almost EVERYTHING we eat. Even eating fresh fruits and veggies now days…you may not be eating “fresh” or “real” fruits and veggies.  I was recently told a story about watermelon farmers in China. Long story short they were spraying these watermelons with a chemical to make them grow bigger and faster. One day the farmer went back to his watermelon patch to find that they were blowing up…YES…BLOWING UP! Turns out the skins could not handle the rate at which the inside was growing and so they exploded. More and more we have people who come into our herbal store and say “I eat healthy but I just feel awful and I am ballooning up”….could it be from chemical fruit? If it makes a watermelon explode what is it doing to our insides?! If you eat processed food, pre-packaged goods, or even just crackers and things with wheat like our bread….if it isn’t natural (certified) and organic, you are probably eating GMO corn and wheat (whether it states it or not). Our own government is trying to ban places that have heirloom seeds and seeds that are,well, SEEDS! Not something someone came up with in a lab to make the plant produce sooo many seeds that they have no nutrients in them or shouldn’t even be classified as a seed. If you aren’t familiar with things like genetically modified foods (which most of the food is going to this) you should google it and just read. I guarantee it will blow your mind. No pun intended =0) This is all just the tip of the iceberg. Not even touching things like high fructose corn syrup…which is made in a chemical plant next to the corn mill. IT is NOT the same as just corn syrup alone don’t let them fool you. Aspartame is a bi-product of mustard gas…the Nazi’s figured out they could kill people and then they realized that the chemical that was left behind would work as a mind control substance. The “sweet” killer.  Anyone that eats low-calorie, low-fat food, sure you’re getting less calories…but what are you REALLY doing to yourself. Kinda makes sense why people get addicted to diet drinks so fast. That hankering of HAVING to have it doesn’t take long. What will they think of next. We mine as well eat space food. Or maybe dirt. LOL

Any who, I am not telling you all of this to get you paranoid. Remember thoughts become things so don’t fret over all of it. I still eat things I know I shouldn’t. My reason for telling people about things is just to make them aware of what is going on out there. Educate yourself about what it is we are consuming. I buy organic & natural when I have the option. Yes it is a little more costly. But…can we put a price on life? I make things from scratch, rather than buying pre-packaged…sure it takes a little more time but it is better for you. Still enjoy the things you like. I know at times I am like a broken record but again remember everything is about moderation and balance.

Very quickly, with all this being said…the other day an elderly women came into the store asking for something to help her high triglyceride levels (cholesterol), she also then began to admit she LOVES sweets and being as old as she was she didn’t feel like stopping. She was already taking all the great herbs and vitamins to help but she wanted more. Judy then began to tell her about her parents. Her mother always had high cholesterol LOVED sweets and never gave them up and lived to be 90. Her father was the poster child for perfect health. Perfect numbers when test and things were ran…he died at the age of 65 of a massive heart attack. Judy then told her not to stress about it. That was the breaking factor between her parents. The stress level. SO again…no need to be obsessive over the food we eat. Just cautious and informed. If you want to eat crap all the time, by all means, do it! Just because I want to eat healthier. Because I want to eat REAL food. Doesn’t mean that you do =0) But…I hope I gave you some food for thought!


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