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Get Yo Move On!

Jump.Shake. Shimmy. Jive….let’s get to moving people! Yesterday my tut message was so fitting to my post  &  vibe of the day (as it usually is) it read…

How you feel, Shanda, is more important than anything else.

And this is something you get to choose, moment by moment.

Supercoolhappy works for me,
The Universe

Before I go any futher. Mike Dooley has this great site www.tut.com if you sign up, on the weekdays you get special tut messages or “notes from the universe”, that just make you look at things differently and feel good. Today’s message  read this…

There’s only one reason I can think of, Shanda, that an infinitely powerful, all-knowing, fun-loving, eternal gladiator of the Universe would ever choose to be born into a little human body, with stub-able toes, adrift in time, immersed in space, cloaked in mystery:

There’d have to be much more to what was going on than mere mortal eyes could behold, and it would have to be really, really, really, really, really beautiful.

And it so is.

You’ll “see,”
The Universe

Which leads me to: Let’s get to movin-n-a-groovin! Every single person on this Earth needs movement in their life. Sure sitting at home relaxing is wonderful and definitely needed with the hustle-n-bustle of today. BUT….it is only good with the balance of getting off  your keester and doing…well…ANYTHING. Hard core exercising is a lifestyle. Yes it is good. Sure it does wonders, but it isn’t for everyone. What is exercising? It is a bodily and mental exertion, a putting into action, use, operation or effect. SO…I am not telling you we all need to wake up at 5am and run miles or even wake up at 5 am to work out for that matter. How about let’s just do more than we usually do. This is my goal. I am pretty “active”, by this I mean busy, person. But, I have been told by my angels I need a little more. Unless you are an avid gym go-er or already exercise daily then I am not talking to you. I am sure though you could “exercise” something more…your brain, spirituality, your creative abilities. Please, don’t think I am leaving you out completely. All in all I think the message I was trying to be given is take care of the human vessel we have in our possession. My father, who doesn’t much agree with my spiritual ventures, (he was raised by a STRONG christian family so they just don’t understand I am talking about the same ol stuff) said it perfectly once, “we are all spiritual entities on a human journey.” It’s funny how most people “know” what I am talking about without even knowing. Ok. Well. There are probably some who don’t wish to prolong their life here (on this particular journey) any longer. They may be ready to join source energy and give it a new go around. If this isn’t you. Then this is for you. As gladiators of the universe we can handle, well, ANYTHING. Unfortunately, I take that back, fortunately for us our human bodies can only handle so much. We wouldn’t want to be on this journey forever. Trust me! It’s more fun to get different go arounds! BUT…while we are here enjoying the sights and sounds, we have to take care of the vessel that makes it all possible. I will never be one of those people who make working out a top priority doing it on the daily. I know me. I just won’t! I love to dance…so I need to do it more. I love to shop…so when I do I am going to kick it up a notch in my step. I like to garden…so this year I will actually get out and de-weed. Are you getting my drift? If you are someone who will let your self slide from “exercising” in those ways then you may need to implement a work out regiment. Do what feels right to you. Basically, just do a little more than you usually do. If you do this each day. Before you know it. BAM! You’re doing a lot! Feed your body nutritious food. Give your body the movement it desires. Heal yourself with energy and thought. Mind. Body. Soul. It’s a beautiful world out there so get out and look! Come on people…GET YO MOVE ON!


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