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Back to the outside world

Aloha, Top of the mornin to ya! Ahhhhh it feels good to feel good. The past couple of weeks I took a break from the outside world. Spent time with my family. Got some GREAT sleep in. Sure I was ill most of the time, but, man-oh-man it feels good to do nothing, sometimes! Aside from all the great rest, quality time spent with my babies, and just enjoying my home I also got a lot of thinking done. Sooo many things I am adding to my business Krystal Fire Arts. Looking back at my last post, being worried about the actions I take sometimes, it dawned on me that I have no reason what-so-ever to be worried or complain about anything. My job title is: to be me. I can do anything I like with Krystal Fire, with my blog, with my life. I know. I know. I need to learn to practice what I preach more often. teeheehee I must say it’s the Virgo in me that gets down and analytical on my self. We have high expectations. It’s true. Plus…in numerology I am master number 22.(if you don’t know much about numerology you should do your reading it’s so neat!Accurate!Go to this site and you can do a free short reading http://www.decoz.com/DoReading_numerology.htm  you could also see what i am talking about with being a number 22. Also, before you run off and say this is of satan or witches or something I don’t believe…GOD himself said look the stars. He chose to breathe life in us on the day of our birth. He chose the stars we would be born under. So are you saying his science is wrong? If you read your reading and cannot see ANY truths or realities in what you read…Perhaps it is because you are NOT true to yourself…YET! )  I have spoken before about my North node sign and being a taurus which is the master builder. Virgo’s are highly intelligent & connected…also often the builders or leaders. While having a reading done I was told that I have a direct connection to source energy. My aura photo says I am an indigo child. I’m not telling you all of this to brag or boast. Rather it’s because of this…..MAN DO I HAVE A GRATE RESPONBILITY…ok excuse me. I don’t mean to shout. Seriously though sometimes the virgo in me ;0p sits and thinks about all the signs and messages that I am given. That my guides and angels tell me. Most of the time, I feel special about all of me. BUT Every once in a while  I just feel like it’s a lot of pressure for one island girl. Then at moments when I am in my vortex, like now… I think pish posh how silly I doubt  Ghandi complained about it being too much pressure to change the world. We humanoids have a hard time with strictly viewing the positive. We have been trained for years that life is hard. Life is work. Trained to meticulously pick out the negative in a situation. Thankfully there IS a shift going on. Whether you believe it or not…It IS happening. We are learning to step back into the light. Learning that life is not hard…it’s what you make it.  I need to stop with these moments of doubt about the actions I take. NO MORE! Not here! Not anywhere! I am connected to the REAL “outside” world. The world of the unknown. I DO communicate with God, my guides, my angels, my dead ancestors. I AM a quirky unique not so from this world kinda gal! I do possess many god given talents! I am here dedicated to helping people TRULY LIVE! While also TRULY LIVING myself! Enjoying the ride every turn along the way. When people ask me what are you doing with your life. My reply from now on is…..”I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE! ” yes I did mean to shout that time.  Badda bing badda boom I am back to the outside world. Are you ready?! ;0D


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