A slice of me!

Being sick is no fun. Garage sales are hard.

Man oh man!  People who have yard sales all the time are nuts. It’s not easy getting together all the crap in your house that you don’t want anymore and are deciding to basically just give away. That would be a much easier option, to just give it away. I guess I should cut myself some slack I have had viral meningitis for the past week. I still don’t have my head back from it. Sorry for my lack of inspirational living life free blogs. I promise I will have something good for you starting next week. This week I am just relaxing and getting healthy. Yes Nana I am taking ALL of my vitamins so that I can get back to tip top shape! Everyone should relax this week! Really! You should!  Get some good rest in. Soak up some of them vitamin D producing rays! I have been enjoying laying on a blanket in the grass under a tree with my youngest daughter Miliani on my sick days off. Life really doesn’t get much better! I need to go laydown. Getting dizzy. Night! Night!


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