A slice of me! · Pondering Thoughts

Almost a month since I began this blog journey…

In two days time I will have been blogging for a month. So far I haven’t posted every day like I had originally thought that I would. I found myself being myself and worrying about what it is I was going to write about. The past week has been finicky due to catching the flu…but as I had time to think while laying on the couch I felt bad for not posting. As if I was neglecting something.  I enjoy blogging. I enjoy writing. Why was I making this work? Harder than it really was. No one is here to tell me what I have to write. I am not a reporter or journalist. I just need to remind myself to be myself. For the sake of my blog I think I am going to set one rule and one rule alone. Blog every week day. Talk about what’s on my mind. It’s funny how even before a month has approached this writing process I turned it into work. Rather than remembering I was doing this to get my thoughts out into the world. A place to empty my mind. I still haven’t made the decision to link my Facebook to my blog for the fact that I am “worried” about what my family will think of some of my post. Growing up in a strong Christian home they probably wouldn’t agree with my spiritual ventures and beliefs I now have. I guess that is a step I will conquer when the time is right. For today this is all I have. This is what I wanted to get out there. I need to just blog. So from here on out I will blog every week day. I will have something to talk about. Whatever is in my mind. My journal (blog) for the world to see. For me to empty my mind. Heck, I know I need that. For a girl who has millions of thoughts in a day I was being to critical. It makes me chuckle to think I of all people don’t have something, anything, to talk about. This computer screen is beginning to make me feel nacious….the stomach flu stinks…I am done for today. No more posting on the weekends. A post to come every Mon-Fri. If something you enjoy becomes work. Look at it from a different angle. Don’t take the enjoyment out of things by being human! =0) Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!

Logic will get you from A-Z;imagination will get you everywhere!” & “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein


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