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Let go of stories of the past!

Every single person in existence has experienced some kind of hardship, trauma, emotional suffering, just plain ol’ BAD STUFF! Believe it or not those pains we suffer teach us far more than we probably realize most of the time. We grow. Become Stronger. Wiser. We experience expansion in our life. What we want. What we don’t want. Through everything in life. Good.Bad.Ugly. Awesome! It all teaches us. We humans have a hard time seeing that the bad in our life is teaching us good. Or our minds are so filled with the old and the bad that all we can bring to us negativity. God said “Ask and  you shall receive” well if all you think is negativity our creator is going to give you what you ask (think) for. He isn’t going to tailor it to what he would like to give you because it’s not what you desire (at least it seems that way because of your thought). Positive thought and action is key.

Here is what I have for you. Go outside and grab a rock that calls to you. It can be pretty. The first one you see. Just pick a rock. Then go to a place that is calming to you right there in your yard. Sit down on the earth and feel its energy. The air filling your lungs. The wind blowing in your hair. The sun kissing your cheek. The sweet smell of flowers embracing your nose. Take in everything Mother Earth has to offer. Let her overwhelm your senses. Now, for some, this will be very outside of your box but talk to your rock. Tell it the stories of the past that you no longer need. Stories that bring you pain or guilt. Emotions of sadness. Tell it stories that are no longer important and no longer make up who you are. Tell all the stories you want to release to your rock. Rocks hold the stories of our ancestors. Let them hold yours. Even if this seems to ritualistic or scary to you…view it as a conscious effort of placing focus on what it is you desire to release.

*Make sure you only put stories that you no longer desire to speak of. The things that bring you negative thoughts/emotions. Only the ones you want to let go of!

Now,  pick a tree in your yard. Beneath this tree dig a small hole. Place your rock in the hole. Bury it with Mother Earth and think to yourself (the wording does not have to be the same feel what comes to you but in a round about way say)…Dear Creator I give my stories that bring me harm to you. I no longer need these stories of the past. Hold them in this rock and surround it with your earth. Let this tree guard my secrets. My pains. For it’s roots are grounded to you. I leave these stories in your protection. I leave these stories here now so I can create stories that are new.  Sit quietly for a moment, feel the things that held you down lift away. As if climbing through the roots of the tree. Releasing through the vines on the leaves. Feel the oxygen they provide. Fill your lungs… in and out. Deeper and deeper.

Waaaahooo! It’s time to fill your life with stories that make you happy. Go out make some more! Live life! Happy! No longer being held down by things, guilt’s, feelings from the past. Let go of stories of the past! Enjoy the “presents” of today! Look with high spirits for the future! Fly for what’s to come after! This is our time to shine. Ask our creator to hold the things you cannot handle. He can handle all of our hardships if you give them to him. To the universe! Step outside of your box. Feel the relief it truly brings. If this stuff is intimidating to you…in the words of my daughter (and Yo Gaba Gaba) TRY IT YOU MIGHT LIKE IT!

Happy Day!


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