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One of them days…..

Today is just one of those days. The ol’ Missouri air has got my nose in a hissy fit. So for the sake of my sanity I won’t be posting a well thought out inspirational post today. Well I say that… what am I going to talk about…lol. Although feeling cruddy I had a very good day. Got my site started for Krystal Fire Arts. Made some jewelry. Booked a sound healing session. So while feelin under the weather I still had a wonderful day. No complaints. Hrmmm…..sorry my head is so stuffy I can’t think. Ok… and I am watching Toys on the tube with the hubby. I usually post at a desk in a clear space. Can you tell? =0) TOYS man what a good movie. Different. But Good. More than the movie itself though I enjoy the backdrops they chose. So unique. Creative. No matter the expression. The avenue. The style. you choose EVERYONE should tap into their creative side. It’s like my writing. I know it’s not proper grammar most of the time, but it’s my creative expression. SO, in the places I can get away with it. Why not?! It’s my blog after all, right? My story.

 If it makes sense to you. DO IT! If it is creative to you. MAKE IT!  If it is funky to you. DANCE IT! If it is tasty to you. COOK IT! Jive the jive. Do the kangaroo! What ever your expression! DO YOU! Whew…that was a fun train of thought. I enjoy being sing songy in life. It comes from my love of the Fine Arts…all of them! Actually art in general is a passion of mine. Culinary arts.Healing Arts. Fine Arts. It’s all me! Me! ME! And I just like to have fun! ;0p Quite honestly, no cockiness, I’m rather good at all of it too. Thanks God, for giving me my gifts! Honestly, it wasn’t till about 3 years ago I truly believed in my talents.Well I knew I had them, and did all right, but I guess I finally felt good about myself fully 3 years ago. Actually, still to this day I cannot sing alone in front of people. It’s one of the fears I am working on. Remember baby steps..teehehe…but…remember the conundrum I said I was. I can dance like a bad mama jama and it aint no body’s biznaaazzz all day long. I can sing in a choir or ensemble. I can do theatre and even have a solo. I can cook anything you like. I can craft up and make all kinds of creations out of all kinds of materials. Do the hula in front of kids in school when you move to Missouri and are from Hawaii…talk about judging you….But I can’t sing alone in front of people I care about. Mostly family. Talk about weird…lol…unique is a better word…which I am. Still funny though isn’t it. I also assure you I can sing. Scouts honor. Was in choir since the fourth grade. Participated in Jr. Jays, honors choir, chamber choir, women’s & mixed choir, all the plays in school, sang the anthem @ a Navy ball when I was a sea cadet…BUT I just haven’t kicked that fear yet.  I will get there ;0) Man-O-Man I make my self chuckle. Proof reading my work I start out talking about not feeling well and the movie TOYS and end up talking about being a chicken…lol. Too funny.It is soo fun being an INDIVIDUAL!  I guess I am saying good night on that…Just been one of them days!

Have a wonderful day reader(s)… and if you are the only one. I love you most of all! Super Splendiforous Stupendisly Spectacular day  for all!


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