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Enjoy the ride!

GOOOD MORNING all you beautiful souls! I know it has been a few days since my last post. I just felt the need to leave my last post up and running for my own delight really. However, it then lead me to today’s topic…

Being obsessive. I think too much of ANYTHING is well too much! Work, play, blogging, social networking, eating, working out, the list well is endless. We should never do anything in life to the point that you become obsessed with needing to do that very thing. Never let something make you feel guilty if you don’t happen to do it on any given day. Remembering it is your life. At the same token I am not trying to say be a lazy bum and do nothing in life. Too much of ANYTHING is too much =0) Balance in life is key. Learning not to put fun to the way side because work is too hard. Or playing to hard because work is too easy! Either way you go you have to learn the balance in life. What it means to you.

We are all very different. So I am not trying to tell you what the max amount of work and play you can handle is. If you feel content, happiness, fulfillment in your life then, well, awesome! Sounds great! Also,if your necessities, whatever those happen to be, are take care of. I would say life is good. Of course all of this is to the perspective of that person. Which is why I am not going to sit here and try to tell you what you need to do or how you need to live your life.  This is never my intention through any of my blogs. I am simply sharing my journey, the things that are changing my life in a profound way, planting a seed, and sharing love out to anyone that will listen.

So…are you someone who happens to be out of balance in life. Working too much. Not working at all. Never has any fun (whatever fun means to you). Goes out every night. Obsessed with blog and Facebook must check everyday! LOL…freak out! Trust me it can’t be good if it feels like it controls your life.  Obviously if anything I ever mention is your lively hood I’m not  telling you to give it up and don’t take care of business…I’m just saying don’t be the person that works on their day off and skips their vacation days to work more. This is not balance in life. Or if you are retired I am not saying you need to go find a job and get back to work. Simply find work you enjoy. Gardening, wood work, writing keep the body and mind active. Still allowing yourself days of rest. If you feel guilty on the days you have to take a sick day. Or hate yourself for just wanting to sit at home on the couch doing nothing but watching the tube or reading a great book. Then your life is not in balance. Take a good look at the things in life you do to a point of obsession. How can you bring balance to the equation in that aspect of your life. Take baby steps. Transformation doesn’t happen over night. Ultimately through all this mumbo jumbo…. what I am trying to spit out is ENJOY LIFE! Whatever this entails for you. If there is something you think about doing every day of your life, but you still are not doing it…WHY? What is stopping you…Life?…God?….Friends?…Family? Neither one of those answers would be right. The only person who is stopping you from doing the things in life you enjoy and love is YOU!

Thoughts become things. So if you doubt. It will never be.

Living is a dream. A never-ending sea.

Journey’s do not happen in the passing of a day.

Step by Step you travel. What magical wonders will come your way?

Travel the path. Others tell you not to go. Follow your feet. Follow your soul.

Live the life you’ve dreamt of. When others aren’t around.

Travel to the beat. That makes YOUR perfect sound. 

 Balance is key. In the axle of life.

Enjoy the ride. No need for strife.

 Start today. Change your mind.

Stand up proud! Enjoy your time! Life is a journey!

                I love mine!


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