Pondering Thoughts

Step into the light

Going back to yesterdays post. I would like to add candle burning to our altars. By doing this step we are adding a connection to talk to God…a way for him to lead us out of darkness. A communication far grander than speaking alone. However, I am not at all saying that just sitting, skipping, dancing, or whatever you fancy and talking to our Creator are not fine. Please do not get me wrong here. Let’s say it adds a warm comfort, assurance to the human soul as the symbol of God’s light there before you for your eyes to see. Ahhh…ok I like that better. In many religions, well, almost all of the major religions of our world represent the Creator as light. For Christians God is the “Light of the World”, Buddhist believe that light is the face of truth, The Koran says ” Allah is the light of the heavens and earth, Hindus believe that Krishna is the “Lord of Light”, In scientific theory the first act was the creation of Light(they say there was matter and anti-matter, a dark and light) but the source of light was so small and minute and they do not know where it came from…this is another topic in itself to say the least, In the Bible God said “Let there be light….and the light was separated from darkness. Now mind you this happened long before the sun, moon, stars and anything that would illuminate the existence was created. This did not happen until the fourth day.

Einstein once said, “For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is”! Still to this day many are perplexed, puzzled, and intrigued by his relativity theory and quantum mechanics. I have read that some feel that Einstein was trying to add a scientific formula to this light thing. For me, I don’t agree. I think in his own quirky way he was saying I am going to dedicate life to living and learning more about the light. Einstein with out even knowing it was so connected to Creator believing he had the ability to do all things. So what, he created a science called Quantum Mechanics which is now used by people all over the world Monks and Christians alike. Do we honestly know anything about his true faith. What he understood and knew. Who he talked to in his spare time. That man knew. We could all tap into the energy. Our energy. Source Energy.

I once saw on a cross the words. Live for him. Because he died for you. This is what I would like to rather think. Live for you. Through him. Because he died for you! All Quantum Mechanics is, is a fancy way of saying tapping into Source Energy, Divine Love, God’s Guidance, however it digest best for you, makes no difference to me…It really is all the same!

So with all that being said…let me tell you energy work is AWESOME! We all have the energy God’s energy to heal ourselves, our brothers, sisters, animals, Earth, we have his energy in our energy to do anything we truly believe to do. God did not separate the Red Sea for Moses. He gave Moses the faith to believe in his power through Christ to move the sea all alone. We could move mountains if we had 100% FAITH in our Creator that we have the power to do so. Ok…and it would help if the majority believed we could do so as well. I once heard somewhere, I can’t recall where, that a group of meditator’s, monks, and common mind people gathered in Washington D.C. and proved that through faith, thought, community, true focus they could lower the crime rate by 25% in a week. Needless to say…they did it, actually by more of a percentage then they had promised. Imagine what the world would be like if we all joined in on this thought of true faith. On not waiting till your dead to know life’s secrets. Wanna Know? All you have to do is ask. Well and listen. Knowing that just because another’s faith is in a different translation, does not mean that they are not sharing the same story. Just know that God, Our Creator...I AM_____________ (fill in the blanks) is listening whether you want him to or not. We create the evils in the world. They could be non-existent if we chose to just step into the light!!