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Friends are Family! You get to choose!

Dictionary.com gave many definitions as to what family is but my favorite one was : all those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor. Being that our creator created us all we would all come from one common progenitor! Friends are family…we get to choose!

I love all of my family both blood & non blood. Ohana is everything and with out it life would be a lonely place. Being that I am going through a stage in my life that some of my family may not understand, I grew to learn that: If my family doesn’t except me for me than maybe we were just related and not the family I thought we were. If someone calls themselves family they will be there through think-n-thin. They will love you for whoever you decide to be. They will understand that just because you may not see eye to eye that it doesn’t change the love that is shared between true family.

This doesn’t mean that if my family does not understand me I will shun them. Or even feel harshly upon them. It simply means I have the choice to be arround those people or not. The beautiful thing is blood family will always be blood family. Whether individuals choose to disown or otherwise. Fact of life. Even more beautiful. We are all family so just because there is a bump in the road with one member of your unit. I assure you there are plenty more brothers and sisters out there in the world that would love to have you as part of their family!

Thank you Divine Source for giving us all you have. Giving breath to life. The Day. The Night. Taking all the pain. If we give it to you. Showing us, if we listen. There is nothing we can’t do. For family. For friends….Ohana! For the animals in the sky. The sea. Thank you lord for dying for me. I feel blessed. Every day I wake. Excited the possibilities I make. I appreciate all. Dedicated to showing love. I give my heart to you. Through me your light will radiate to many. Thanks for giving me the choice. For surrounding me with beautiful souls daily. I am so glad my friends are my family! My family is family too! I know you think this daily of all your beautiful creations…but dear creator….Thanks for being you!

Take the time to tell those you love. YOU LOVE THEM! One never knows when it is your turn to join source energy and the great big universe out there. What I hear is human life is much more exciting and when we join spirit we tend to want to rush back to Earth. SO, why take the chance on your second, third, or millionth try. Seize the day! Now! There is so much love out there! Love yourself. Share it with others! Love your family!



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