A slice of me!

Dance…and hope their watching!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had every intention on doing so but after work the thunderstorms rolled in and well they make me sleepy. I decided to be lazy and enjoy the family. Today I felt like talking about dancing. I LOVE IT! It really doesn’t matter the genre of music you play I can find a groove to it. I was always the kid to jump in at a dance when no one is dancing. One of my fave ways to dance, other than just feeling the music, is pretending that I am doing daily activities i.e; brushing teeth, shutting the door, get outta bed, put your clothes on…if you do a little shimmy-n-a-shake while doing those things you can usually get a pretty cool dance move out of it. At least in my mind it looked cool!

As a child/teen I did care what people thought but, also being the conundrum I am, I also really didn’t care. I suppose to defend myself I came from  Maui, Hawaii and was flown all the way to a small town in Missouri. Oh yeah, by the way, I was the first bi-racial person to live in this town. I also was the first person from Hawai’i to contact these fine folk (honestly no insult intended). None the less, kids were mean and didn’t understand me is really all. I got over it and grew up…lol…but the point I was trying to make is I cared what people said about me when it was false and a rumor ( it happened a lot). At the same time I didn’t, I always, even then, stayed true to who I was. Dancing was my true expression. I never cared what they said then no matter how ridiculous I may have looked ( which is hard for me when dancing) ;0p

This is what I have for you today…DANCE dance like you’ve never danced before. Let the music fill every inch of your body. Let it take control. Close your eyes. Feel the flow. Turn up the music. Turn it up loud! Stand up tall! Dance real Proud! Let it be an expression of who you are. Show people I’ve got my Name + Ness! Shout I’m not afraid! This is who I am! Love me! Leave me! It’s all the same! I will love me! Won’t be shy when I move. Feel the groovin. Start the movement. Dance. Dance. Dance. Don’t dance like no one is watching. DANCE…and hope they are!!!


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