Pondering Thoughts

Meditate it’s food for the soul!

For the past few Wednesdays I have been attending a guided meditation group with Shane Knox. A man after my own heart he is! Mainly because he isn’t afraid of being him. (If you haven’t noticed it’s a big part of my life right now. Learning to be ME! ) Living in the middle of the bible belt it isn’t always peaches to be an intuitive or healer of sorts. For Shane it’s life and he lives it.  Last week he gave us a great bit of advice…”Fake it till you make it” If confidence & happiness is what you desire fake it till it becomes so much a part of you that it is! It’s wonderful to go to group when I decide to and it always being the message I need. One never knows what will come to them in meditation. It’s fun. Try it!

First, find an area that you find peaceful and calming. Outdoors. In your favorite chair. Laying on the ground. You choose. Before closing your eyes and getting into meditation focus on what the intent for this session is going to be. Gaining confidence. Sending healing to a loved one. Sending peace to the world. What ever it may be, decide your intent. Next, get comfortable and close your eyes. If it’s your first time to the meditating ring begin by envisioning your favorite landscape. Enjoy walking through the landscape. Last week I was in Hawaii for meditation going back to my home.

Our intent was to remove the blocks in our life and we were allowed to go where ever we wanted this time. Shane just added in a few things like approaching a long wall to far and wide to pass. Finding a box with the word intent on it and with in this box was a seed. These kinds of details are the things that Shane then goes on to tell you what it is you are dealing with. Based on the messages you were given. I saw the beautiful lava rock wall that my grandfather ( who is now one of my spirit guides) built in Hawaii. For me, this represented the strength that my grandfather was giving me to be myself. But, also showed the block of being afraid to be myself because of what my family may think. Which is why I saw a family built wall and not just some brick wall. Which is what Shane guided us to, a brick wall. Leaving the fine details to our mind. The seed I found in my box was in the form of a heart and before I could plant it (which is also where Shane guided us to) I popped it in my mouth and swallowed it. Later explaining that part to Shane he said it shows that your growth has to come form with in. Most of which I already knew. It never hurts to get a second opinion.

So, with that being said. Continue viewing your landscape. Take note of what you see. The plants. Color of flowers. Are there any animals around? These small details that may seem like nothing are actually giving you a message and will probably tell you more than you ever imagined about yourself. After meditating for as long as you like then go to the internet and see what the representation of colors mean. Or what the animal spirit guide message is. I am sure you will be shocked. You could also email me @ SKcelebratinglife@gmail.com for my interpretation of your meditation. Find out the messages I am given by our creator and my guides to give to you.

In closing, meditation isn’t just sitting in a cramped position saying OM and chanting…although this will help you go into a much deeper form and state.

To meditate is to engage in thought or contemplation….I meditate when I dance. Some meditate by listening to soothing music. Sitting by a river. Hug a tree perhaps. Engage in thought that is different from every day life. Focusing the intent on what you want in life. This is truly meditating. It is different for everyone so don’t feel bad if your first time in focusing meditation nothing comes. It will. You just have to believe! Open your mind to the possibilities that are out there. Realizing you are not evil or wrong in practicing meditation. God is everything! He sends us messages in many ways. Whatever it takes to get through. Open your life up to the messages he sends…meditate it’s food for the soul!


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