A slice of me!

Sunday Rest…Monday Best!

So.. I decided to rest on Sunday. I know I said I would post then but EVERYONE needs some good R & R on a regular basis. Life should not be so stressful. Actually if it is stressful in any way shape or form well…what can you change about it? To un-stress things? As a sound healer I move the vibrations in and out of our lives to transform a change in the beat of things. SO, I have some help of learning the lessons of un-stressing things…BUT…I also owe a great deal to my Filipino heritage. Growing up white proper well-traveled christian on one half and rooted to the core pig farming on Hawai’i machete carrying grandma on the other half. I got to be very well-rounded. To say the least.  I also owe my up bringing to my love for the culinary arts. Actually any art in general. Coming from two very different worlds but both having a love for food. I learned it all from my ohana….I have so much to talk about on this thought and it is getting late. I will post ealier tomorrow. And give you some food for thought and recipes from my family to yours.

Looks like Tuesday will be the best….I always name the post then write it so it’s fun to see if I end on track. I am sleepy and ready for bed. Monday Best! Sleep! ;0p


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