Pondering Thoughts

Stress…Life’s silent killer.

Where to start? I know I said I would go into further detail about myself for this post but I think I will continue about de-stressing! The past few days I have had individuals coming to me to just talk about all the stress they have going on in their lives. From stressing due to: health, looks, family, work, lack of work, & everything in between.  To be quite honest I had been stressing as well. As great as my family was, they are also planners. So, when my life isn’t following a strategic plan I tend to get down on myself. Forgetting the path that I chose to take. One without a plan. The only plan I truly have is to live. I know the rest will follow. Still being human I was having a “down” day and was reminded very quickly that life is never as bad as it seems!

A friend of mine who has 20-30 years on me reminded me not to be so hard on myself, just by needing to talk. She met me yesterday to give my daughters their Easter gifts. At first she was fine, but after shortly being around me she began to bawl. I am used to people opening up to me and telling me their life’s details big and small at random points. In the grocery line. While checking them out at the store. Even at the park with my kids. I tend to get pieces of information I doubt they just share with anyone and everyone. I understand and accept it being I chose to live a life of help. It makes sense that the universe would send me these people. It makes even more sense to me that I am being sent these people not only to help them. For them to help me.

She continued to tell me all the details of her life. The details that were killing her softly. It then dawned on me and I was given a message to tell her. “If you invested half the time you do on being stressed into living a life of your own. Rather than trying to take care of and please all those who are ungrateful for the things you do. Just think of where you would be!”  Having a hard time in not putting everyone before herself this was a difficult thing for my friend to grasp. The biggest reason being her faith.

We have been taught for centuries that you put everyone before yourself if you are a “good” Christian follower. This is what I have to say to that….Phewy! That’s the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever heard. Sure treat others as you would like to be treated but I don’t remember God saying don’t love yourself and treat yourself like crap so those who are mean around you can feel good.  I continued to tell her. If you began taking care of yourself,  truly caring for yourself, do you not see how much better you would be at being the mother, friend, & person you are. How could you not be?! If you are living to be you! Those who love you will love you more. Those who disliked you probably will regardless of what you do. SO, why not be the you that makes you happy!? Those who wish to join in on your you….will! Those who have no desire…won’t! These are the facts no matter what actions we take into life. Some will love us. Some will hate us. Like many folk in my age category say….”Haters gonna hate!”

Granted I don’t honestly feel like there are tons of haters in the world. Those that do hate. Just aren’t happy with their own lives. So they choose the road easily traveled. Rather then taking a look as to why they are so miserable and feel the need to hate. Or perhaps…they can’t see that what they happen to hate in people is actually the universe trying to show them what it is that they do not desire in themselves.  In a sense the universe is trying to get them to look into the mirror. The message is just unclear.

Not for me! The messages I receive in life I now truly see! Before my transformation I would have looked at this story and thought why do I care about the troubles in your life. Do you not know that I am down and stressed just as much? I would not have looked at her pouring her heart to me as a message for me…

Lesson 1) When you are feeling like  P double O P…remember there is someone out there who would love to live in your circumstances.

Lesson 2) Even if there are not others who want to live in your circumstances…make your own circumstances!

Lesson 3) Life is never  as bad as it seems. Have you done anything to fix it? Better yet are you doing the right things to fix it? (It starts in thought first) Mike Dooley says it right. Change your thoughts. Change your life!

Lesson 4) When you think you are taking the right actions to please the world…but your feelings fall short….TAKE NEW ACTION!!

If we invested half the time we do into being stressed into living a life of love, peace, & happiness. Where would we be? Have you ever taken a stand to be happy!?  A stand to fight the norms of society! Have you truly asked yourself what your soul desires! What would eliminate the stress!? If not I ask you now to take a stand and fight stress…life’s silent killer! There is a life out there for the taking…all you have to do is take it!


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