Soul Poems of Me

My kinda groove!

Started my morning right. Everything I desire in sight. My roots have me grounded to Earth. My soul soars through the universe. Living life is easy when you live life free. Free of aggravation. Free of fear. My focus. My intent. All so clear. Shouting to the mountains. The ocean. The sea. Shouting at the top of my lungs this is ME. I am womind hear me roar! Music feeds my soul. Like a drum has a beat. Any rhythm. Any style. Feel the groovin in my feet. This is my movement. My heart has a flow. Like a clear running river. A never-ending road. Infinite possibilities. Magical wonders all around. Hush your mind. Listen to the sounds. The sounds all around feel them quiver in your bones. Sounds of nature. Listen to the stones. They hold the stories of ancestors come and gone. Listen to the wind. It sings their song. Hug a tree! FEEL the energy! Smile to those as you pass them by. Lay in the grass. Look to the sky. Feel the warmth of the sun. The sweet caress on your face. Sweet kissing sunlight. Serene embrace. Let our creator fill you with  light. Open your mind. Experience true sight. Connect with me my sister. My brothers. This is my fight. Join me in the riot. The riot for life! Join the force of lightness. Leave the darkness for the dark. Feel the light grow with in you. Till your bursting at the seams.  Shining so bright for everyone to see. If these words strike a chord in your orchestra of life. Then move to the mood. My kinda groove!


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