Pondering Thoughts

What others think of me is none of my business!

Today I discovered my North Node sign. Man did it makes things much more clearer! If  astrology, numerology, spiritual awakening, & things of this nature interest you I would strongly recommend: Astrology for the Soul, By: Jan Spiller.  It gave me the answers I had been searching for. Thanks Divine guidance! Giving me the healing affirmation (that I strongly needed) of ” What others think of me is none of my business!” How perfect! For me.

Being new to this whole blog thing I racked my brain on what it is I needed to write about? I have a tendency to over analyze. Also, a tendency to view my life through the eyes of others. Constantly worrying or needing approval of those around. Turns out my North Node sign of Taurus has A LOT of explanation as to why I face some of these problems. Rooting back to past lives I endured along the way. Turns out that people of this sign were “usually” the right hand man to royalty or someone of high importance so needing and relying on another’s approval was important to me at one time. In past lives I was always part of the “wrecking crew” getting things done in a fast and orderly fashion. For today’s time I am a master builder, needing to learn how to take things step by step. The analogy the book used was when a skyscraper has to be replaced we North Node Taurus folk were the ones who came in and took the old building down preparing for the new. In the present, we are the builders coming in to build the new skyscraper. Learning patience is a must! If you were to skip any steps no matter how small the building will come crashing down. I am learning to take life’s ride one step at a time. I know what it is I want to do with my life. I even now know why it is I am here. I am here to awaken people’s souls. To show others that there is a life out there for the taking if you are just willing to evaluate and listen to the messages all around.

Now, I may know all this to be true, but like I said previously I have a tendency to be impatience. Life isn’t happening fast enough I sometimes felt. Only now I see that it wasn’t happening because I was stuck on something that needed to happen. First, enjoy life! What the heck is my big hurry! Which is funny to look at that statement and feel that way because most who know me would say I was a free spirit living with the wind. Although true, my wind just had some heavy dust clouds in it that I needed to blow away.  Now, my sky is clear.  My thoughts and guides are leading me to where I want to be.  Where ever! That’s the beauty of it all. I do not feel like I HAVE to do anything. I can take all my creativity, love, compassion,  spirit, caring soul, intuitive guidance, and understanding and do whatever. This is where I want others to be with me. Do what you love! Living others paths through your footsteps is like watching someone elses garden grow. Why not grow your own? Dig deep within your soil (soul) to see which plants to grow. None of us are here to live the lives others would like to see. Instead we are here to fulfill our own destiny!

Ask yourself ” Am I truly happy”? Does my life fertilize my heart so that my garden will grow? Is where I am right now as I have been lead to read these words where I truly want to be?  Most people feel (self included at one point) that you have to put the feelings of others before yourself.  It is what we have been taught and what society sees as being a “good person”  But…if you are entirely happy and love who you are putting your feelings as main supreme…would you not in turn be a better friend, mother, lover, sister, brother, etc. These values of ME is something I am still getting used to. From first hand experience I can honestly say. Love yourself. The rest will follow.

So in closing for today’s post I got my answer. It doesn’t matter what my blog is about because ultimately it is for ME. Sure, some will gain from my stories. Some perhaps be bored. The beauty of it all is I get the release I am looking for. A venue for my creative expression to shine. My light is on and I am shining brighter than I ever have before.  Jump out of the dark ages in which we have been suppressed to be. Live in glory with me! Shine.SHine. SHINE!

Will you jump into the light?


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