A slice of me!

Starting here…

For starters I would like to introduce myself. My name is Shanda.

For the sake of the blog that intro will do….more details coming soon.

I pay caution to those who ensue this journey with me. Serious life trekkers’ past this point! =0)

Those  intrigued to know more…PLEASE…hop on for the ride!  Those already tired of the path I take…PLEASE…carry on!

From a very young age I have constantly asked myself the question “why am I here”? Not to be confused with “why are we here?”.

I guess now would be a good time to fill you in a little more about this enigma wrapped in a conundrum cuddled by an anomaly I call myself~ I was not your average child. Not to be boastful or brag. I just wasn’t. I knew things,I knew, other kids my age had no true knowledge of or at least cared to know of. I just understood. To say the least. I spoke to my angels. They spoke to me.

There came a point in my life where much of this was silenced. Through things rather not mentioned only due to having already released them out of my life. I hit a bumpy patch in the road. Sure my guides and guardians were always with me protecting me all the way. The communication on the other hand was a little distant,perhaps a little distorted even.

I wasn’t always where I stand today. Before all the world to see. Not always comfortable in my own flesh. For all the world to judge. Like me. Leave me. It’s really all the same. For once in my life my eyes are wide open. It’s me that has to love me. All the rest will fall into place. A harmonizing tune. Beating at the same pace.

Now before I go any further I would like to make note that I am very fortunate and I thank God that I have learned these lessons at the young age I have. My true transformation started at around 18 (it wasn’t all peaches!) and is leading me into my 26th year on this human journey. To this moment…

I have been working on letting go the things I no longer need. Truly growing. Transforming on this spiritual ride. Here recently my intent  has been on releasing my fear to be who I am regardless of what individuals think of me. On many levels. From, growing up in a religion ran home.  To, growing to be a spiritual person who loves our creator (who ever you call him remember he says ” I AM” …fill in the blank EVERYTHING) but sees many flaws in what man has taught. How people may perceive me both in faith and looks. Learning to get my analytic virgo parent guided mind to hush its self so my heart can lead the orchestra. This has been my focus.

In recent days I have found myself getting amped up, angry, and irritated for some reasons I knew and others just because someone came into the store (my mother-in-law owns a health food store Herbal Works that I manage). Feeling good at moments because for once I am speaking my truth. Then awful the next because I question if I did the right thing…although I had good reason and was only honest putting my childs feelings first protecting her always. Which leads me to really this moment this time… =0p

I was guided to release the words I have bottled for years. I was shown that if being honest, whether people approve or not, is always the way to your truth. I had to get angry to know I did not desire anger in my life. I spoke words I no longer need in my repertoire. I needed everything even the long babble before this very moment. To get here. To this train of thought. Release of emotions. Transformation to a new. I see that it was all necessary. I see clearer than I ever have before.

Reaching this thought. Lead me to start a blog. How funny where life’s road will travel. How the universe will answer. How the heart will sing its song. So here is to meeting all the lovely people I will encounter. To complete transformation. A new chapter in the life of me. Here’s to Starting here…


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