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Why ask, if you want to hear your answer?Β 

To be asked an opinion about something and immediately get shushed because your opinion doesn’t align with the answer they are seeking, or the answers that make them feel comfortable these kinds of interactions absolutely leave me baffled. I mean seriously, Why ask?  If something does not speak truth within you, leave it be. Chalk… Continue reading Why ask, if you want to hear your answer?Β 

Day 2 Day Mumbo Jumbo... · Pondering Thoughts

Transformation isn’t easy.

My guided meditation classes are going very well. Each month new faces appear. Those who attend are sharing with friends their journey of transformation and growth. They are meeting their power animals and awakening divine feminine energy. Divine feminine energy IS rising. The message has been clear. YOU ARE ENOUGH! I work primarily with women.… Continue reading Transformation isn’t easy.